Welcome to the Rebel Trailer from ABI. The rough terrain trailer for extreme ATV riders.

The Rebels unique design allows for a fully articulating range of motion, equipping you and your trailer to get whatever you dare to go. In the short animation. We will take you through the features and benefits of the Rebel Trailer from ABI, and describe in detail the innovations that allow this trailer to get where it is not supposed to go.

What makes the Rebel so unique and maneuverable is the patented hitch assembly. All other trailers come with a ball or drop pin hitch which limit the up and down and side to side movements of these trailers. These limitations cost traditional trailers to get stuck or even damaged in situations where the ATV could still keep on going. But with the Rebel trailer from ABI in its fully articulating hitch, your only limitations will be those of your ATV.

The Rebels patented hitch assembly allows for extreme maneuverability side to side and up and down. So the trailer can follow all sorts of rough terrain environments. The bottom line is that if your ATV can go there, the Rebel Trailer from ABI will follow. Since the Rebel was designed to march over logs, rocks and heavy vegetation, it has several built in features that make it float through the woods, such as the patented, a tree kickers which push the Rebel around small trees, keeping it directly behind your ATV, a skid plate mounted to the front of the trailer, giving the Rebel the ability to slide over logs and debris, large twenty two inch flotation tires which make the Rebel perfect for wet situations and give it the lift it needs to go over large obstacles.

The wheel mounts have been engineered to maximize ground clearance and eliminate the need for a traditional axle. This design gives the Rebel a clean under body and keeps it from getting hung up. With our extreme duty and serviceable wheel bearings, the Rebel can be easily maintained and take on years of rough terrain.

The bed of the Rebel trailer is low to the ground, to give your load to secure ride and to keep the Rebel from being top heavy. The bed also has flared sides for more capacity. To make a loading and unloading easier, the endgate can be removed and clipped to the side of the bed.

The floor the Rebel is punched, which allows drainage of water and animal blood, as well as giving you plenty of anchoring points for ropes and bungee cords. All of these features make the Rebel trailer from ABI one of a kind and the most effective rough terrain trailer in the world. So if getting where you need to go with what you need to have can’t be done with a traditional ATV trailer, then the Rebel from ABI is the answer to your problem. To purchase a Rebel trailer of your very own, visit our web site at or call our toll free number at 877-788-7253 and speak with one of our friendly product specialists.