When it comes to off road ATV trailers, just about all of them can be pulled down the average trail. But what happens when the average trail comes to an end?

Most ATV trailers can’t handle the extreme terrain that comes along with remote hunting locations. That’s why we built The Rebel Trailer. It breaks all the rules and goes where it’s not supposed to. It’s only limitation is your ATV. The key to the rebel trailers abilities is its patented hitch. Normal ball and drop pin hitches limit maneuverability. They can easily get bound up and break. But the rebels hitch design allows a fully articulating range of motion, equipping you and your ATV to get wherever you dare to go. The Rebel was designed by extreme riders and hunters for extreme riders and hunters, making it the perfect companion during open season.

Now you can extract a deer, transport, decoys, treestands, and feeder grain, or remove an injured hunter from deep within a dense woods. The design of the rebel trailer makes it hold up to the toughest conditions. A skid plate is mounted to the front of the trailer to conquer logs, rocks and debris.

Large, twenty two inch off road tires, let the rebel cover any ground condition from wet and muddy, to solid jagged rock. 13 inches of ground clearance and a clean underbelly means the rebel easily climbs most any obstacle without getting hung up, and the bed of the rebel trailer has a low center of gravity for a safe and secure ride. The bed also has flared sides for more capacity and has made with a punch floor, which allows the drainage to water at animal blood and gives you plenty of anchoring points for roads and bungee cords.

To make it even easier to navigate where the trail ends. We’ve added pattented tree kickers to push the trailer straight when caught up against a tree. No more catching your fender and having to get off and pull the trailer sideways.

Do you consider yourself an extreme outdoorsman? Then why not have an extreme trailer? The Rebel Trail from ABI. Go ahead and be a rebel. Take your ATV trailer where it’s not supposed to go. Call 877-788-7253 and speak with one of our product specials. Get more information online at