We’ve got the ABI Rigid Drag Mat here, behind the ABI Force Z23. This is a great option for any infield mix, whether it be a little bit more sandy or more clay content or a limestone shaving option as well, or something that might be an engineered option.

What this is, is it’s got a six foot reach on it with a tapered leveling bar off the front. And then it’s got a steel rigid mesh that goes about 18 inches off the back of that drag mat to help give you a nice finish. This drag mat itself’s great for like a pre-game or a quick in between drag. What that does is allows you to touch up the infield. The steel mesh will take out any undulation or any cleat marks that are within the infield surface. The leveling bar can be pitched in or out of play to be able to allow you to move a little bit of material. If you’ve got any kind of low areas that come up during gameplay, the leveling bar off the front of it will help collect material and be able to drop in the pack and the material as you’re operating the drag mat itself.

Again, if you notice on the edges here, you’ve got a little taper, about six inches in. Keeps that material collected on the inside of the blade. So when you’re making your spins, it will not, the material will not escape out the side and kind of leave you with any rigging off the back.

We’ve also got this engineered slot within the hitch point that allows you to pick the drag mat up from the front and to be able to manipulate, if you want the leveling bar in play or out of play as well as with the turn knuckle, you can actually rotate that leveling bar completely out of play and just using your steel mesh to be able to do a finish on it. With this pivot lift system here off the back, we’ve got the ability to taper the drag mat off the field. It lifts the leveling bar up first and then allows the mat, the steel mesh, to be able to continue to drag until it’s fully lifter out of play. Again, great for going field to field, if you’re working at a multiple field complex.

This is a great drag mat. I use it almost on a regular basis. That paired with the VibraFlex underneath. Again, it’s a great little one pass drag, throw a quick nail and then a rigid drag mat up the backfield to just get off the field, and turn quickly.

Thank you for watching. If you’d like to learn more about the ABI force in the rear attachments, please visit our Web site.