Hi, I’m Sharon Camarillo, and I’d like to welcome you to my home in Lockford, California. I’m a multi-time national finals rodeo qualifier in the sport of women’s barrel racing. For the past 25 years, I’ve been an equestrian professor and I work with a college in the Midwest to be able to draft or mentor some other young equestrians. I’m one of the few women to be inducted not only into the cowboy, but also into the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame in recognition of the contribution that I’ve made to the sport of rodeo and barrel racing.

You find me in the arena a lot of times when you pull up on my property. And though I have a small acreage, it’s still very important to me to be able to manicure and work the property in an efficient manner. I need a piece of equipment that’ll work my road, my driveway that’ll smooth out my hot walk or in my barn, but something that I can also bring to the arena to manicure and maintain the footing that I need for my horses.

The TR3 was a piece of equipment that I was introduced to during one of my clinics at a horse fair. I thought it was interesting. It was a little strange of course. It didn’t look like a traditional disk or some of the different pieces of equipment that I’d been used to before to work the arena. But when I was introduced to its resources, I found it quite interesting. I’d use the TR3 now for about 3 years and I haven’t found a job on my property that I can’t accomplish better than any other piece of equipment.

I live here by myself and I have some help that helps me maintain my property. But what we are so excited about is the fact that we can hook up our equipment once and pretty much not hook it from our tractor. We work our ground, our roads, our barn and is just done a superior job for us. In my sport, a barrel racing, it’s critical that we maintain good, solid ground conditions. Now we need a little bit of fluff. We ride some young horses and they need confidence in the ground. But we also need to establish a good solid base because as our horses develop their skills, we will work them at a high rate of speed and of course, in the women’s barrel race. We’re changing directions three different times, around three different barrels. It’s a timed event. It’s not a subjective judged event. Therefore, efficient performance is critical and ground is one of the leading factors in injuries to our animals.

I’ve been a multi time national finals rodeo qualifier, so I know exactly what it takes to be able to maximize these horses performances. If we go in the ground doesn’t hold us. The stopwatch isn’t very favorable in our competition. Therefore we don’t get a check. So it’s critical that we’re out on the ground, whether it be in competition or training, that the ground holds and supports our horses. It’s an event that’s a lot of fun for a beginner to professional because there’s really no subjective judge. Its Strictly on a stopwatch. So it’s important that we teach these horses skills that will maintain consistency and efficiency in their performance. Therefore, ground conditions are one of the most important things that we go into.

We need a little fluff on the ground for our young horses. And when we start picking up the speed on these high powered horses that are changing directions three times during any event, we really depend on the ground to hold these athletic performers. So as we travel around the country and literally around the world and see the different equipment, it’s always a little precarious to me to wonder if the ground’s going to hold when I go in to make introduction runs or how my students make interim doctrine runs that I use for evaluation. But I’m always confident when we have our TR3 available that our ground conditions are the best that they could be.

I can’t stress how multidimensional this TR3 is. It’s easy to use. It’s easy to hook up. I live on my property by myself and efficiency is so important for me. I don’t want to be changing equipment back and forth to do the little tasks that are necessary when you have property. I need my road worked and I need my driveway polished. I need my walker smoothed out and I need my arena manicured. All of those things can be done with just one piece of equipment. The TR3.