Jack Owens with Owens Gravel Repair. I use ABI Attachments equipment. And I got a call from a customer. They had a really old blacktop driveway and wanted it broken up. They don’t want the cost of putting a new blacktop drive down or the cost of concrete.

ABI Attachments was just a perfect fit. I’m breaking this off with the rippers and with the heavy duty rake front to really break this up and even recycle it and use it as base for the material that’s gonna be coming later on to finish it off.

It’s about an inch, a little thicker or some other place a little thinner. Some of it was little chunks like this. And some of it were big chunks. But what that tool and especially the right up front, I can tip it forward and actually just break that blacktop.

So the SR3 works out so well for this job because of how heavy duty and rigid it is. I could’ve used a bucket, but it takes a lot more finesse with a bucket than it does with the SR3. The SR3 having the i-beam construction, the heat treated high carbon steel rippers, and the AR40 steel rake. I can go on there and this could be real thick and I know I’m not gonna tear anything up. The tool is gonna hold up. If anything, skid loader is just going to bog down.