We do a bit of team riding and some cutting horse training, rope some cattle. My TR3 showed up a while ago and soon became the most important tool in the shed. Best implement for the tractor by far. I use it compressing my the arena. I can do firebreaks with it.

Very innovative and very easy to get used to it. And there’s a lot of adjustments that are easy made to make. Make it where you can rip something deep or you can you can push up before a fire trail. It’s very durable. You don’t you don’t mind lending it off to your neighbors because you know it’s going to come back in one piece.

The innovation is amazing, but also just to do your gravel driveways, and take it down the creek and I’ll top dress a little bit down there because we have to try and put a cattle down through there and they make trails and it’s just become very important to all them. It’s probably the best thing I bought in a long time.

Yeah. I had to set a harrows with a with a log on top to go around the arena and it just used to scratch around it and really, didn’t have a surface you’d say was even. With the TR3, I mean you can really adjust your depth. It has a profile blade you can, that’ll just take the bottom of the bottom level off and get to your ground surface and then and then level you sand out above it. It really makes a difference in my arena.

Yeah, I had a back blade on my tractor, and that’s painful. Now that TR3 can can do all the work that my back blade did, there’s several, there’s several tools I drive in the grass that I probably won’t be using again. So it’s been, it’s been very good in that regard.

Every time I run the TR3 or even the Rascal Pro over the TR3 is good because in my arena they have one half of my arena, you may have noticed, hadn’t been used for a long time. And also I would deep rip that and then just run over with the thing is level it down. But but the part of the arena that was ridden on, you can see how that can be an even surface every time you go over it, it’ll be the same surface. And it’s very important for a horse to get some balance, not get scared where… oh, it’s a slippery part here or a deep section there. The horse has trust in the surface. And and you can you can push your horse to be more of a limit to where he’s not uncomfortable going to those spots, especially the cutting horse game. It’s very important. You also got security in the ground and that’s what the TR3 and the ABI implements can do for you.

When I was looking for an arena rake, come to them to do most my work and I looked at the ABI getting the TR3, and you can soon see the quality and the workmanship and the durability. It’s solid built. And once I saw the ABI gear, and the TR3 I knew that’s the tool. It was gonna be durable enough to last the distance and do my job. I did a bit of research and saw a lot of implements that were made by imitation products and even some homemade tools and by far the ABI stood above the rest. And you can see the quality compared to the other tools were far superior. I did notice that the NCHA futurity that I go to every year that they used and DragMaster made by ABI. I’ve seen a couple of imitation machines at different shows I’ve been to, and they just don’t stack up. So I think I the ABI I compared to the competitors and especially the ones who tried to imitate, are far superior.