If you’re a commercial contractor in the lawn installation, sports turf, or excavating industries, the TR3 rake can be your secret weapon in winning bids and turning a higher profit. For lawn and turf installation and septic repair work, the TR3 can reduce onsite time up to 50 percent while producing the perfect compaction-free seedbed for improved seed to soil contact.

Whether your drill seeding, broadcast seeding, hydroseeding, or laying sod, the TR3 will quickly prepare the job site for maximum seed germination and root growth. Compared with traditional power rakes, the TR3 has no moving parts or hydraulic rotary components, ensuring faster operation speed, less handwork, reduce downtime and less start up and maintenance costs. The TR3 is the perfect business investment. The hydraulic top link, hydraulic scarifiers, and rock teeth are excellent options to consider for increased efficiency. The TR3 features are also available in a skidsteer model for maneuvering tight spaces, steep inclines, and other difficult terrain.