If you own a riding arena, establishing a proper maintenance program is essential to reduce soundness related injuries to the horse. Increase rider safety and horse performance. Pended TR3 rake is the Best-Selling professional arena drag on the market. Many top industry horsemen use and recommended TR3 for a variety of equine disciplines.

Better yet, the TR3 is very easy to use. Taking all the guesswork out of how to maintain a consistently loosen and level arena surface. With every use, the TR3 auto levels, consistently loosens, and rakes the footing to a beautiful signature finish. And it does so without the need of hydraulic or PTO controls.

For those that own performance horses and compete in the dressage and reigning disciplines, adding the profiler option incorporates a subsurface, base-safe cutting blade, that eliminates 100 percent of any compaction layers just above the base.

Another option to the TR3 is the rolling basket, which ideally prepares the ground for speed related rodeo events.