Welcome to the TR3. No other attachment has as many applications or workmanship in the pursuit of durability. It can grade roads, renovate roads, level construction sites, tend to a horse arena, do your pastures, harrow fields. It doesn’t end.

With the TR3, you can do away with all those other implements that you’ve got sitting in the long grass. Your graders, grader blades, box rakes, small bulldozing equipment, your harrows, and your rippers. The TR3 is an all-in-one package. You’ll never look back except to admire your work. After all this, with the addition of the profile adapter, you can tend your riding arenas with the finesse of any other arena rake on the market.

The TR3 is available in six sizes. Simply, all you have to do is match up your tractor with the size of the TR3. This can be done through horsepower. As you go through the website, you’ll see a lot of videos that headquarters in the USA have put together to educate you about the implement. It will explain to you exactly why the TR3 is the tool for you, and why it’s such a standout in its field.

For those of you who have already joined the ABI ranks and want to chat with someone at our office, you can do so at 1-800-609-669, or go to our website, If you need more technical support with your implement, you can find all the support you need on the left hand side of our web page, find the support button, click on that, select the tool, and everything you’re going to need will be there.