TR3 Rake – Profiler Option – Arena Drag

ABI Equine, with the help of arena specialists, has made America’s favorite arena drag even better. The TR3 Rake is now offering the brand new profiler option, which provides a radical change in how arena footing is maintained.

Similar to a side cutting blade. The new profiler cuts parallel to the arena grade. So instead of ripping through footing with perpendicular teeth, the profiler slices to the footing in quarter inch increments and loosens the footing as deep as seven inches. Now, with every single pass of the tractor, one hundred percent of the arena profile will be loosened. This saves an enormous amount of time on the tractor because the driver no longer has to make two or three passes over the same footing with different patterns.

One of the fundamental components to a quality arena drag is to be able to loosen hard packed arena footing. Until now, all arena drags in the market utilize some form of perpendicular loosening teeth to try and keep the arena footing consistently soft. These drag’s incorporate everything from spring-loaded shovels, s-tines, chain harrow teeth, ripping or scarifying teeth, to multiple rows of grooming rods.

Each process has its self-proclaimed benefits, and some of them work well. However, none of them work as well as the new profiler, and nowhere near as quickly.

It’s important to know that there are over five thousand TR3 owners who love their standard TR3 just the way it is. What the profiler has done is made the TR3 even better and taken it to the next level.

Every one of our past customers can attach the profiler to their TR3 rake. It simply hooks and unhooks to the back of the TR3. So that unhooked, you can still have an incredible multi-purpose tool for gravel roads, trails, or grading. Or hooked up, you can achieve show quality footing with every pass.

Another incredible benefit to this action is the fact that instead of pushing the arena footing forward like perpendicular loosening teeth will do, the profiler slices and loosens and then lifts the material up, which then puts air back into the footing. This creates a beautiful cushion to the footing. And no matter how deep or shallow the profiler blades have cut, it leaves a carpeted feel to the arena.

Certain equine disciplines like reigning in dressage receive additional benefits from the profiler. For these disciplines, where a perfectly smooth base is critical, the new profiler allows the trainer to keep the footing consistently loose and yet leaves no ridges behind from the perpendicular teeth ripping through the footing.

Now, when a training horse is asked to slide and stop, the condition of the base will not dictate how hard of a stop he is willing to make. If the horse feels safe, he will give more effort to the rider. Finally, it’s important to know that the profiler alone is not the entire answer. This revolutionary concept for loosening arena footing will not work if not incorporated with significant weight bearing stabilizing wheels.

Stabilizing wheels are fundamental to a quality arena drag, but are even more important when incorporating the profiler. These wheels allow the operator to set the profiler to the exact depth desired and keep it there. Without these wheels, when the front tires of the tractor go up, the 3-point arms of the tractor will go down, leaving little chance of keeping the profiler’s still and thus risking going to deep. This effect will produce inconsistent depth of footing and will risk damaging the base material of your arena. But with the TR3 rake, the wheels are included. So the combination is very powerful.

So there you have it. A new revolutionary way of preparing arena footing. So if you’re in need of an easy to use multi-purpose ground prep tool that also produces incredible arena footing with every pass, then you don’t need to look any further than the TR3 rake with its profiler option from ABI Equine.

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