Welcome to the TR3 rake from ABI Attachments. It’s the one tool that does it all. If you own a compact or utility tractor, the TR3 rake is the go-to attachment for all of your ground prep needs. The TR3 excels at properly grooming equine riding surfaces, grading gravel driveways and parking lots, preparing soil for seed or sod, light land clearing and other land reclamation projects. No matter the project, the TR3 has the teeth for tough dirt work, delivering fast, amazing results and quickly becoming your most valued tractor attachment.

The TR3 rake’s versatility is made possible by its multiple tools in one concept. It’s designed to sit at an angle so all ground contact points work together to loosen, level, and rake on every pass. By combining the function of a box bladelandscape rake, pulverizer, land planer, and scarifier, all into one design. The TR3 not only eliminates the hassle of purchasing and switching out these twtoolso separately, but also allows for simultaneous use of its components to achieve incredible results. Thousands of satisfied customers from around the world agree; the TR3 rake is the one tool that does it all. So let’s take a closer look at this innovative and patented attachment.

The TR3 rake is available in six sizes to easily connect to any size, compact or utility tractor. The Three-Point connection is quick hitch compatible and available in Category one or Category two configurations.

The frame is built tank tough with commercial quality construction to power through the most demanding of jobs. All day. Every day.

The patented leveling blade floats to automatically catch high areas and drop material into lower areas without changing the overall grade. This adjustable floating leveling blade is used for fine finished grading to maintain the general contour of the ground while leveling the top couple of inches. This is an ideal everyday setting for frequent grooming of horse arenas, grading driveways, or preparing soil for seed or sod. This easy to use, floating action allows the other ground engaging components to remain at work while the blade floats on top, creating a consistently level surface. However, if more aggressive, contour-changing, cut and fill grading is required, the blade may be locked down like a box blade to move a larger amount of material.

Positioned behind the leveling blade are the scarifying teeth. These teeth loosen the ground and our adjustable from zero to seven inches below grade. Their rigid design, spacing, and angle of entry into the ground enables these teeth to loosen even the hardest of materials.

The teeth are intentionally positioned behind the blade to loosen the material compacted by the grading blade. This positioning is ideal for horse arenas and seedbed preparation, as it ensures a loosened final surface. If a level and compacted of surfaces desired, such as for driveway grading, simply remove the scarifiers on the final pass. The tips of these teeth are bolted on and easily replaceable to minimize maintenance costs.

The final ground contact point is the hardened steel finish rake. This, a laser cut rake, pulverizes clumps of material and leaves a beautiful signature finish behind. But it doesn’t stop there. When pushing backward, this rake transforms your tractor into a mini dozer. Now you can push material backwards in the low areas, rip out vegetation and saplings, slice sod and push debris into piles. This forward and reverse operation extends the capability of any tractor and saves a massive amount of time. The rake of the TR3 is three quarter inch thick and durable for long life. It is even replaceable in one foot sections.

The entire TR3 rake rests on its patented and adjustable foam filled stabilizing engage wheels. By preventing the TR3 undulating with the tractor, these wheels gauge the depth of scarifying, maintain level and consistent travel when grading, and eliminate gouging while pushing backward. These wheels make the TR3 incredibly easy to use so that anyone who is qualified to operate a tractor can produce amazing results. For long service life, the tires or foam-filled to prevent flats, and all hubs, bearings, and spindles are replaceable. The wheels can be removed for extra aggressiveness, or offset from side to side to reestablish a driveway crown. If you own a riding arena, establishing a proper maintenance program is essential to reduce soundness-related injuries to the horse, increase rider safety and horse performance.

The patented TR3 rake as the best selling professional arena drag on the market. Many top industry horsemen use and recommend the TR3 for a variety of equine disciplines. Better yet, the TR3 is very easy to use. Taking all the guesswork out of how to maintain a consistently loosened and level arena surface. With every use, the TR3 auto-levels, consistently loosens, and rakes the footing to a beautiful signature finish. And it does so without the need of hydraulic or PTO controls. For those that own performance horses and compete in the dressage and reigning disciplines, adding the profiler option incorporates a sub-surface, base-safe cutting blade that eliminates 100 percent of any compaction layers just above the base. Another option to the TR3 is the roling basket, which ideally prepares the ground for speed-related rodeo events.

If gravel maintenance is the constant problem, the TR3 is an amazing solution. Commonly referred to as the ultimate gravel machine, the TR3 rake can break up hardpan, eliminate potholes in washboarding, renovate large scale wash outs and sunken areas, remove center and outer lip vegetation, reestablish a crown, spread new gravel, and rejuvenate old gravel until it looks almost new.

The TR3 rake, the one tool that does it all quickly and easily. If every second counts, the optional hydraulic top link is invaluable, enabling the TR3 to be pitched from the seat of the tractor for increased efficiency.

If you’re a commercial contractor ainnd the lawn installation, sports turf, or excavating industries, the TR3 rake can be your secret weapon in winning bids and turning a higher profit. For lawn and turf installation, and septic repair work, the TR3 can reduce onsite time up to 50 percent while producing the perfect compaction free seedbed for improved seed to soil contact.

Whether you’re drill seeding, broadcast seeding, hydroseeding or laying sod, the TR3 will quickly prepare the job site for maximum seed germination and root growth. Compared with traditional power rakes, the TR3 has no moving parts or hydraulic rotary components, ensuring faster operations, less handwork, reduced downtime, and less start up and maintenance cost. The TR3 is the perfect business investment. The hydraulic top link, hydraulic scarifiers, and rock teeth are excellent options to consider for increased efficiency. The TR3’s features are also available in a skidsteer model for maneuvering tight spaces, steep inclines, and other difficult terrain.

So, no matter the project, the TR3 has the teeth for tough dirt work, delivering fast, amazing results. We’re confident that it will quickly become your most valued tractor attachment. It truly is the one tool that does it all. To learn details about our risk free money back guarantee and financing options, visit our Web site at, or call an equipment specialist now at 877-788-7253. The TR3 rake. The one tool that does it all.