Hey everyone! Matt Metzger here at ABI Attachments and I am here on of ABI in our R&D shop to make a new announcement to all of you. We are going to effective today start releasing some regular video segments called ABI Dirt, where we’re going to be offering you some exclusive information from product design information, company news market insights, interviews with professionals in the industry, and even some Q&A sessions.

So we’re going to be pulling from all of you not only the comments here, YouTube, but also in our different social media platforms. What do you want to know about the outdoor work that you’re trying to get done? What do you want to know about the tools and what they can do with what they can’t do? This is gonna be the spot for that. First up is just a thank you and that thank you goes out to to all of you. We know that a lot of you are still performing a central vital functions for your communities and we get to help support you do that. And that is a privilege and a pleasure that we get to support you and give you what you need so you can get your work done. So for all of you out there continuing to work day in and day out, thank you for doing what you’re doing for your for your communities.

Now for this first episode of ABI Dirt, I want to make you aware of something that we launched a couple weeks ago. We call it the Attach Match Guarantee. The Attach Match Guarantee is our commitment to you to have a conversation. We know that you have a lot of choices when it comes to attachments for your property to help you get your work done. The Attach Match Guarantee means that we are going to make our factory reps available to you to talk with you about your usage application, your work requirements and your vehicle capabilities. This will make sure that when talking with the factory rep, you know that you’ll be matched up with the attachment that best fits your needs. You get it home and it doesn’t meet your usage application, work requirements or tool vehicle capabilities, send it back and we’ll give you a full refund.

That’s all I’ve got for this first round of ABI Dirt. Everybody remember, please subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already. If you like the content, want to see more like the video. Share it and come back to us and see us next time. Take care.