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Maximize Watering on Your Large Property

Not just any water trailer can haul the volume needed for your large acreage. When you need quality hydration, count on ABI’s Classic Water Trailers to be tank-tough enough to transport water anywhere around your land.
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Bigger & Better Moisture Management

Larger properties demand equally large amounts of water to thrive. But not all water trailers on the market are capable of withstanding the strain of so much volume. That’s why ABI designed our line of Classic Water Trailers. Whether it’s out in the field or in your horse arena. you need watering equipment that’s built to match your work. Engineered for durability, our dual axle water trailers are perfectly suited to haul and apply as much water as you need to get the job done right!

1600 Gallon Water Trailer In Field

Larger Capacity, Greater Results

Taking care of a larger-sized farm or property requires a large amount of water. No matter your workload - whether it’s out in the pasture or in a larger horse arena - you need quality equipment to carry the load. Made in 500, 1,000 and 1,600 gallon models, ABI’s classic water trailers are sure to deliver and apply the water volume you need to succeed. Make moisture management easier than ever with a large water trailer.

Designed for Stability

ABI classic water trailers are built to give operators more durability and stability when transporting water. Each commercial-grade model comes built with a custom steel welded frame, to keep your water supply safe and secure. Best of all, our classic water trailers come standard with a dual axle design, offering more stability when towing water by dispersing the trailer’s weight. With eight possible axle options, there’s many more ways to secure your water supply when choosing an ABI classic water trailer.

Water Trailer In Field

Hitch to Your Large Tow Vehicle

It can be difficult to find the exact water trailer to match your tow vehicle. Our Classic Water Trailers are uniquely engineered to be compatible with your specific outdoor work and tow vehicle on your large property. Haul and handle the weight of your water with ease using a large tractor, pickup truck, or SUV with these trailer models.

Precision Water Application

Maintaining consistent moisture across your large farm or property can be difficult. Not only do you need a sufficient water supply, but also enough spraying power to water harder to reach areas. Paired with a powerful engine and plumbing system, ABI classic water trailers enable you to maximize watering across your land with greater precision and control. For the best results, each trailer’s plumbing system comes equipped with the best quality valves, pumps, and motors so you can adjust water flow. Our classic water trailers also come standard with a powerful spray hose, rear spray system, and 3-nozzle steel spray bar to ensure optimal reach and application of water as you tow.

Custom Built To Last

Maintaining a large property can take a toll on your equipment. That’s why your watering equipment needs to be strong, powerful, and durable enough to handle it all. Designed for durability, ABI classic water trailers are built with fully-welded steel frames to deliver the strength and functionality you need to keep your ground, plants, or animal hydrated and healthy. Wherever you haul water—from paddocks to gardens to your backyard horse arena—rest assured your classic water trailer won’t buckle under the pressure.

Features and Benefits

Firstly, no matter how you spin it, a water wagon is only as good as the frame it’s built upon. Our frames are purpose-built and are NOT converted car haulers or a purchased component (like many competitors’).

We design and build our own frames, giving us complete control of toughness, safety, and performance. No matter the size, we construct our frames of fully-welded steel (no wood!), have an adjustable hitch with choice of coupler, feature leaf-spring or torsion suspension (excludes 300 gal.). Electric brakes come on all D.O.T. or 1600 gallon models.

Each tank is rotomolded and fully drains for easy cleaning. Many competitors’ tanks do not fully drain, making it nearly impossible to thoroughly clean (for potable water usage) or flush out sediment from filling the tank with pond water.

Most ABI models have elliptical tanks for easy access and a lower center of gravity. Choose between a white tank for easy water filling visibility or a black tank to reduce algae growth during water storage. The shape of our tanks also helps to minimize water sloshing during use.

The available motor, pump, & plumbing systems enable precision application of water for a variety of applications. Depending on the model, we perfectly match powerful professional grade engines with the right pump to maximize performance for the trailer’s application.

Therefore, we expect impressive performance, so we equip the entire plumbing system with the best quality valves and the ability to adjust water pressure and flow from the engine, the valves, or a combination of the two.

The available rear spray system with brass nozzle(s) ensures a consistent application of water to the ground when configured with a motor and pump. The brass nozzle(s) provide superb coverage. Adjust to direct the spray.

Our full-size water wagons come standard with 3 nozzles on a steel spray bar that also include valves to selectively turn the outer nozzles on or off, or to adjust their flow. The compact-size water trailers have either 1 or 2 nozzles depending on the application.

Our full line of ABI Water Trailers excel at arena moisture management, landscaping, dust abatement, property fire protection, cleaning equipment, stalls, and buildings, transporting potable water, and more!

As a result, whatever is on your list of jobs to accomplish with your ABI Water Trailer, we’ve loaded it with thoughtful features that help you get them done quicker and better than before. With quick and convenient filling capabilities, easy-to-use hoses and spray nozzles, and a full-drain tank on our custom-built frame, our water trailers are easy to fill, easy to operate, and easy to own!

Every horse arena requires water to keep the footing at the correct consistency, or the footing profile quite literally falls apart.

The ABI Water Trailer is perfectly suited to provide a consistent, reliable, and convenient water application to any horse arena! The auto-fill shut off ensures you’re ready to go first thing in the morning.

Likewise, the ratcheting flow control ensures you’re putting down the perfect amount of water. The brass nozzles and entire pump and plumbing system provide even, reliable flow. The available spray hose helps keep your corners evenly watered and your edges clean.

In conclusion, the ABI Water Trailer is a perfect companion to any of our innovative arena drags. Capacities to suit any arena size and type of use!

Elevate Your Watering With a Classic Water Trailer

No matter the size of your work or acreage, ABI has a classic water trailer to match. Loaded with versatile features and functions, our water trailers make an invaluable asset to your property. Whether you’re hydrating a garden, caring for livestock, or managing the moisture content of a large horse arena, ABI classic water trailers are sure to provide powerful, precise watering wherever you tow.

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