1Order Wear Parts For Your ABI Equipment

Most of the time, when fall and winter weather hit, the last thing you’re thinking about is getting your equipment cleaned up, fixed, and put away like brand new. I know I worry more about getting back inside my warm house, where I can start to dethaw my hands and feet! With the warm spring weather finally here, it is a great time to get outside and start your spring clean up projects! Some of your tools are needing some simple work, whether it be greasing your bearings on your spreader or replacing your ripping teeth on your drag, but your projects can’t be done without them! What does that mean? Give us a call at 855-865-4084 and order some new parts! Not only will you get top-notch customer service from the ABI Team, but you will get your fresh new wear parts within the week!

2Fix Up Your Gravel Driveway

Finally! What you have been dreaming of all winter after all of the freezing and thawing and snow plows that went up and down your once perfectly groomed gravel driveway. It is time to fix your drive! Now that a lot of places in the country have finished thawing, it is a great time to do this when your gravel is still damp to start taking your ABI grader down the driveway to loosen compacted gravel and potholes and to pull gravel back into the driveway that has made its way to the edges from plowing and driving down it all winter. Once you have loosened all the gravel and fixed your potholes, you might need to add some more gravel. This isn’t a bad thing nowadays when your whole family is there to help you shovel some gravel! Looking for some more tips on how to fix your gravel driveway? Listen to gravel expert, Jack Owens, on how to fix up your gravel driveway!

3Start Prepping For Your Garden

Ever wanted to plant a huge garden and just never had the time? This mandatory stay at home order would be a great reason to start your garden this year! First off, decide what you want to grow in your garden. April is the perfect time to begin planting! Next, pick a place on your property and map out where you want your garden to be. Your ABI Arena Rascal, TR3, SR3, pretty much any ABI tool would do a great initial ground till. Once your land is prepped, go ahead and plant your favorite plants! An easy fun new hobby that pays off with delicious homegrown fruits and veggies. It’s always better to choose plants that grow naturally in a particular region, or habitat without human introduction. For example native plants of Alabama or New York grow better in those regions.

4Clean Up Your Pastures

After a long winter of turning horses and livestock out when the weather breaks, it can lead to plenty of manure in your pastures! It would be the perfect time to grab your easy to use ABI Classic Spreader and head out to your fields and start picking all of the piles of manure. If you leave these piles to build up, you can kill the grass below it and increase smell, flies, and pests around the farm. After your piles are picked up, go ahead and spread the manure onto your pastures. The thinly shredded manure will dry and decompose quickly because of the classic shred and spread design and the sun shining. Not only will you have a cleaned pasture, but you’ll also have a luscious green pasture that your horses and livestock will get to enjoy all summer!

5Enjoy Time With Family And Your Livestock

The times might be uncertain, but take this time and cherish these moments with your family and livestock. There are so many unknowns out there, and all we can do is hope. Hope things return back to normal so we can make it to livestock shows and sporting events that we all love. There are so many out on the front lines working to keep us healthy and safe and get us back to our normal everyday lives. For those of you, thank you! For the rest of us, make the best of these challenging times and keep HOPE.