ABI Equine

ABI Equine

Better WAys to get equestrian work done

So you can spend less time on the tractor and more time in the saddle. 
The Best Equestrian Equipment, Inside the arena and out 

ABI is world leader in arena drags, manure spreaders, and water trailers for equestrians. Our mission is to empower equestrians with better ways to get their outdoor work done. We've engineered durable, reliable arena groomers capable of perfectly maintaining your natural or synthetic footing. Our manure spreaders are built tough to handle all kinds of manure, bedding, and straw; and their innovative shred-and-spread design promotes pasture health and cultivates a better environment for your horses. Our water trailers are perfect for watering your arena, dust abatement around your property, filling troughs, and cleaning stalls. All of our equine products are made with equestrian at the forefront, so you can get your work done faster and better than ever before. 

Equine Product Categories

Featured Products

SportPro M5

  • For Compact or Sub-Compact Tractors
  • 67.5", 83.5" Widths
  • Starting At: $155/mo.*

SportPro M3

  • For Large ATVs, UTVs, Compact, or Sub-Compact Tractors
  • 67.5", 83.5" Widths
  • Starting At: $159/mo.*

SportPro M1

  • For Golf Carts, ATVs, Small UTVs, or Utility Tractors
  • 67.5" Width
  • Starting At: $111/mo.*
ABI Equine 550 Water Trailer

550 Gallon Compact Water Trailer

  • Farm Use: Compact Tractor
  • Min. Vehicle Weight: 2,400 lbs. On Flat Ground, Towing Capacity 5,200 lbs. On Uneven Terrain
  • Starting At: $174/mo.*
ABI TR3 w/Profiler - Arena Drag & Arena Groomer

TR3 Rake Arena Drag

  • For Compact & Utility Tractors, Extreme HD Arena Drag
  • 5.5, 6.5', 7.5', 8.5', 10' Widths - Commercial-Duty
  • Starting At: $118/mo.*
TR3 E-Series

TR3 “E” Equine Edition

  • For Sub-Compact & Compact Tractors, #1 Selling Arena Drag
  • 6', 7', 8' Widths
  • Starting At: $118/mo.*
TR3 “E” Trevor Brazile Edition - Arena Drag & Arena Groomer

TR3 “E” Trevor Brazile Edition

  • For Compact Tractors, Trevor's Roping & Rodeo Arena Drag
  • 7' & 8' Widths
  • Starting At: $161/mo.*
Arena Rascal Pro - ATV Arena Drag & Arena Groomer

ABI Arena Rascal Pro

  • For ATVs, UTVs, & Sub-Compact Tractors, #1 Selling Arena Drag
  • 4.5', 5.5', 6.5', 7.5' Widths
  • Starting At: $85/mo.*
Speedmaster Arena Drag & Arena Groomer

ABI SpeedMaster

  • Ultimate Speed Events Arena Drag
  • 8' Width - Commercial-Duty
  • Starting At: $339/mo.*
ABI® Revolution R-Series

ABI® Revolution R-Series

  • Synthetic Footing Arena Drag
  • 8' Width Available