Get the most out of your side-by-side with these essential UTV implements

UTVs are an excellent vehicle to have around your property because they have countless uses and they’re usually more affordable than a tractor. But there are many jobs around a property, farm, or arena that need ground-engaging attachments—and many times, the best attachments for the job are made for tractors. UTV owners looking to get some serious outdoor work done want to know, what are best implements that work with a side-by-side? And, what attachments are made specifically to maximize the power and capability of a UTV? Here are a few of the best-of-the-best!

UTV Attachments for Property Maintenance

If you have property upkeep tasks you need to get done, or you have some projects that have been on your list for a while, you want to look for versatile tools that can adapt to different kinds of outdoor work.

1A UTV Dirt and Gravel Grader

If you own property, odds are you have dirt or gravel that will need moving, prepping, or grading. We recommend a UTV implement that can decompact tough spots in dirt or gravel as well and level and smoothen the areas you’re working on. The Gravel Rascal Pro is our go-to tool for ground work and gravel grading because it can be used to get to the bottom of potholes and compacted dirt, rip up vegetation, and level out your ground. 

2No-Hassle UTV Water Trailer

The need for portable water is significant when there’s land or property involved. For this reason many property and farm owners attempt a DIY water tank in the bed of their gator. But if you’re looking for a UTV attachment that can adapt to all your water source needs, we recommend getting a water trailer that has versatile features, like quick-fill, adjustable nozzles, and a custom molded tank shape designed to minimize sloshing. Why settle when you can get a pull-behind UTV implement that does it all? 

3Off-Road UTV Dump Trailer

When it comes to top-notch UTV accessories, this is one you won’t regret getting. A dump trailer designed to be the perfect companion for an ATV or UTV gives you that extra hauling space you need around your property. ABI’s Workman XL is designed to completely dump any payload, plus you can incrementally dump while slowly driving forward to evenly apply gravel to a driveway.

UTV Attachments for Farming

Homesteaders and hobby farmers looking to get the best out of their UTV need tools that work quickly, reliably, and are easy to operate. 

4Reliable UTV Manure Mover and Spreader

The fact of the matter is, if you have animals, you have manure. If you have between one and eleven horses or a similar amount of other animals, you might want to manage that manure with an attachment for your UTV. ABI’s Compact Manure Spreaders are built to tackle any animal’s manure—spreading it evenly and finely over your pasture so it can dry out and be soaking up in the ground faster. This makes for a more efficient process and healthier pastures. 

5Towable UTV Broadcast Spreader

Whether it’s for garden flower beds, food plots, or even to spread salt in the winter, you can’t go wrong with a broadcast spreader for your UTV. Seed, salt, lyme, fertilizer—get it spread quickly, evenly, and from the seat of your side-by-side. And if you want to make sure your utv broadcast spreader lasts we recommend getting a UTV implement that’s built tough and able to withstand corrosive material.

6Efficient UTV Cultipacker

Promote efficient seed germination with a UTV cultipacker that can properly form up and dimple the soil you’re using. Then, after seeding, re-cultipack the ground to press the seed into the ground and create moisture-holding pockets for healthy growth. This is an easy way to ensure proper seed-to-soil contact, moisture absorption, and germination with your UTV. An effective side-by-side cultipacker is a critical part of the seeding process.

UTV attachments for your Arena or Round Pen

Riders and trainers need attachments that are made with the needs of their horses in mind. When it comes to care of your arena and horses, we recommend you don’t settle for anything less than effective, capable UTV implements. 

7Arena Drag Made For Your UTV

If you own an arena, you probably have some experience using a tool to drag your arena that was specifically designed for that purpose. This list is about the best UTV tools, and when it comes to arenas, there’s no UTV arena drag that tops the Arena Rascal Pro. This tool was designed to get the best out of your footing, so your horse has consistent ground to ride on no matter where they step. This helps prevent injury and provides your horse with confidence in their steps. The simple fact is: better footing means better performance and a better ride—why not use your UTV to achieve that?

8Easy-To-Use UTV Water Trailer

Yes, we know it’s on here twice. But that’s because horse arenas need a water system that can provide a consistent, even spray. Because not enough water means your horses will be kicking up dust and too much water makes for soggy footing. A UTV water trailer made with arenas in mind means you’ll have a valve you can shut on and off from the seat of your side-by-side so you don’t over-water spots as you turn around. 

If you didn’t know before reading this list, the possibilities for what you can do with your UTV are endless. If you’re looking for more information about any of the best UTV accessories listed above, you can view our full line in UTV Attachments or call a Product Specialist at 877-788-7253.