Meet Your New TR3 from ABI Attachments


ABI continuously and rigorously updates our products to meet changing customer needs. Because of this commitment to innovation, our support materials change frequently. In order to provide you with the most up-to-date instructional resources while reducing paper waste, all support materials – including warranty information – are located online.

Visit to access a complete list of resources for your TR3, or click the link below to view the most recent TR3 Product Manual.

TR3 Setup Guide

The most common mistake customers make is not setting the TR3 up properly. The video below demonstrates a proper setup.

In short, pin the scarifiers up out of play so they do not hit the ground when you lower it completely. Then, slowly lower the TR3 to the ground and see what hits the ground first. Is it the front leveling blade or the back-finish rake? Depending what component hits the ground first, shorten or lengthen the top link so they hit the ground at the same time. Raise the TR3 and slowly set it back down to the ground and verify your settings are correct.

ABI Support: TR3 Start Up Guide

Off-Loading and Use

TR3 Rake Instructions – Arena Use Part # 1

TR3 Rake Instructions – Arena Use Part # 2

Rail Blade Installation and Use

TR3 Rail Blade Installation and Use

Tips for Effective Dragging

  1. After setting the tool down to the ground, slightly raise up on the three-point lift of your tractor to put some upward pressure on the hitch pins to keep the TR3 from rocking.
  2. The video below (skip to the 7:38 mark) shows the effective spinning technique.
  3. When making your circles, overlap your outside tire with your last pass so it intersects with the area that’s already been leveled.
  4. Keeping a constant speed is very important. When you slow down, the front of the tractor drops slightly raising the tool. And when you speed up it does the opposite. Consistent speed is important!

How To Drag A Horse Arena – Drag Patterns Animation

Things to Look Out For

Wheel Bearings

If tool is being used regularly, we recommend repacking the wheel bearings every 6 months to to keep them in good shape!

Scarifier Tips

Scarifier tips should be replaced before they wear past the phone number located on the side of the tip. As you can see in the picture below, wear beyond this point will cause damage to the shanks which will then need to be replaced.


Optional Attachments

Profiler Attachments

The “Profiler” is an option that mounts to the back of most TR3® Rakes. It adds the revolutionary Profile Blade technology that slices parallel to the arenas base material. This eliminates all ridging in a single pass and saves time and further protects the longevity of the horse.

Rail Blade

The shovel cuts into the built up material around the rail or wall of an arena and pulls the material into the leveling blade to be redistributed throughout the arena. This eliminates hours of back breaking work. Works great to push back grasses and weeds that begin to overgrow into gravel roads and ball diamonds. Also pulls displaced material back into the road.

Rolling Basket

The “Rolling Basket” is an ideal option for those that need to repack the surface after grooming or to breakup significant dirt clods. Most commonly those participating in speed events such as barrel racing, roping and other rodeo events find the benefits of this basket the most useful. The rolling basket stabilizes, breaks up clumps of footing, resets the arena below the surface and keeps the top few inches of footing loose to give horses the “grip” they need for speed. This basket is NOT a standard lightweight basket found on many competitors tools that can bounce, clog and plow rendering them ineffective. This is also NOT a roller or packer found on many tools that pack can only roll the top surface. Both the standard basket and roller/packer, found on competitor’s, equipment have fundamental flaws that this design corrects. The rolling basket has twisted 1″ rods. Unlike competitors straight rods, the TR3 rolling basket’s rods are twisted and keep the basket rolling smoothly, preventing the basket from clogging, bouncing and plowing material. This design also allows the basket to firm the footing 1 – 2″ below the surface, not on top, giving the rider the ideal amount of cushion and stability.

Warranty Information

The TR3 is covered by ABI’s Performance Guarantee and a 36 Month Limited warranty.