No bull-crap answers to frequently asked questions about manure management.

Spreading Manure on UTV

It takes a special kind of commitment to care for your animals and the land you own. Managing manure is a time consuming, recurring task that’s easy to overlook. But managing your animals’ manure doesn’t have to eat up all your time–all you need to effectively manage manure is a plan and the right equipment.

1Is A Manure Management Plan Really That Important?

Yes, managing manure IS important.

Managing manure is more than cleaning out stalls every day. The way you manage your manure is critical for the overall well-being of your property and animals. How you store and spread manure can make or break your farm’s health. 

As a farm animal owner, you know how quickly manure can get out of hand. Hauling your manure away from the barn and spreading it on your field or pasture cuts down on barn flies and bad smells. No one wants a smelly, fly-filled barn on a 95 degree summer day.

2What if I Don’t Have The Right Manure Spreader Tow Vehicle?

There are manure spreaders for all kinds of tow vehicles.

Hobby farmers often want to know what the best manure spreader for a small farm is–and what to do if they don’t have it. Now you may be thinking, “I only have a lawn mower or ATV, I can’t spread our huge pile!” If that’s the case, we have great news: ABI offers a size for any livestock owner, big or small. Ranging from a 25 cubic foot ground-driven spreader to a 185 cubic foot PTO driven spreader. All sizes of the spreader have the same components and only vary in the amount of manure that they can carry and spread. In summary, we got you covered.

3What Manure Spreader Equipment Will Last?

ABI Attachments Classic Spreader

No one wants to waste money. The goal is to invest in reliable equipment that will get the job done for many years to come. What you need is a spreader built tough as a tank but easy for anyone to use. The ABI Classic Spreaders’ shred and spread design demonstrates the innovative technology that separates us from the rest of our competition.

Shredding and spreading your animals’ manure is tough without the right tools. Large clumps of manure take much longer to break down and decompose. The extra set of shredding bars in the ABI Classic Spreader can make pasture turn around time so much faster. That’s because the spreader shreds manure into fine particles which take far less time for the sun to dry out and for rain to soak into the soil. That not only makes for a happy landowner but happy horses that can graze on lush green pastures.

Let ABI help you with a manure spreader that not only makes spreading easy for you, but improves the health of your livestock, land, and farm. If you want to speak to an expert, call 877.788.7253.