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The Uncompromising Classic Manure Spreader

The ABI Classic Manure Spreader, available in both ground drive and PTO configurations, are superior in quality of materials, craftsmanship, features and overall value. ABI starts with an all welded box frame made of 12 ga. COR-TEN steel on smaller models and 10 ga. COR-TEN steel on larger models. This superior construction weighs about 1/3 more than most competitors and all ABI Spreaders are hand welded to handle rough pastures without falling apart. ABI Spreaders shred the manure and evenly spread it. This is accomplished with one or two shredders that break down the manure before it passes through to the larger spreading beater. Classic Spreaders feature 4 apron speeds that control the manure output. These combined features help promote a healthy, eco-balanced, pasture! ABI Spreaders also have five features to help resist corrosion & rust including a poly floor with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. The ABI Classic Spreader is truly a superior spreader from the ground up.

Delivered Fully Assembled Direct To Property

ABI spreaders are sold direct to the customer over the phone and internet. This distribution method removes the middleman and allows ABI to provide a higher quality spreader for about the same price as many competitors. ABI spreaders are shipped direct from the factory to your property fully crated and assembled via a common carrier truck. No assembly required!

Lifetime Floor / 3-Year Limited Warranty

The ABI Classic Spreader is warranted for two (3) years, from date of delivery, against defects in materials and/or workmanship when put to normal and designed consumer/residential use and service. The high density, polyethylene floorboards are warranted for the usable life of the spreader from cracking, rotting, splitting, or peeling!

5-Point Corrosion and Rust Resistance

  1. We start with corrosion resistant COR-TEN steel construction.
  2. All steel components are sand blasted before painting. This cleans the impurities off the steel and opens the pores for the best bond.
  3. Rust-Oleum “Stops-Rust” paint is applied. This paint is easy to repair and touch up and unlike powder coating moisture cannot get behind the paint to rust from the underside.
  4. Coal Tar Epoxy box liner is applied inside the box.
  5. Tongue and groove poly lumber flooring will not rust, corrode or rot. Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Shreds Before It Spreads

All ABI Classic spreaders shred manure before they spread. This exposes more manure surface to sunlight which allows it to dry and decompose far more quickly. This process helps to maintain a healthy, eco-balanced, pasture by reducing dangerous parasites and fly larva. This is accomplished with incorporating shredding beaters inside the box. Unlike most manure spreaders that use only one beater bar to spread material, ABI Classic manure spreaders use 2 or 3 beaters depending on the unit size. On 25 & 50 cu.ft. units ABI Classic manure spreaders have 2 beaters and 85 & 125 ABI spreaders have 3 beaters. Shredding before spreading is a vastly superior manure management practice.

4-Speed Variable Flow Control

All ABI Classic Manure spreaders feature the ability to control the flow rate of manure being applied to the ground with 4 speeds. Both the PTO and ground drive units have 4 different speed settings that are controlled by the lever (ground drive units) or pull rope (PTO units). Flow control is accomplished by speeding up or slowing down the apron chain (or conveyor) that feeds manure to the back beaters. This enables the operator to either empty the manure as fast as possible or apply controlled amounts of manure to specific areas to maximize its’ nutrient fertilizer value. Variable flow control also enables this spreader to handle a very wide range of manure. A manure load can change depending on bedding material, stages of decomposition and weather. Many spreaders are unable to handle this variable and only work well when manure consistency is just right. The Classic Spreader however can handle just about any horse manure type. Variable flow control enables the user to slow down how fast the manure is being pushed to the back for spreading. This helps prevent damage and unneeded wear and tear on the spreader components when manure is less than ideal.

Benefits Of An Eco-Balanced Pasture

Owning a manure spreader that can shred before it spreads and control the amount of manure being applied to the ground, like the ABI Classic Spreaders, enables the horse owner to help maintain an eco-balanced pasture. An eco-balanced pasture can reduce colic, increase pasture turn rates, help produce more vigorous grass growth and reduce odor & flies around the farm.

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