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Superior U.S.A. Manufacturing: Engineered & Field Tested:
ABI products are manufactured in a 700,000 sq./ft. state-of-the-art facility employing hundreds of qualified U.S. workers. Steel is brought in by rail, stored indoors, cut and milled to specification and moved about the facility via massive overhead programmable cranes. These overhead cranes bring the materials to the welding stations that employ both robotic and conventional welding. The steel components then go through a state-of-the-art cleaning with 2 acid washes and sand blasting. The completed components are then given a architectural grade powder coating. Assembly is then completed by specially trained workers. All this is completed in-house so quality is controlled throughout manufacturing. Every ABI product is drawn by a mechanical engineer in CAD and tested for structural integrity and superior usability. Most importantly however, they are all put through dozens of hours of prototyping and rigorous field testing to ensure all objectives have been meet.
Quality Control System: Architectural Grade Powder Coating:
Every employee signs their ID number to their work. If a correctable mistake is found the product is pulled off the line and taken back for correction. The employee that made the mistake is given a financial penalty and the person that found the mistake a financial reward. All this takes place before final inspection. A string of ID numbers is then placed on the final product so that if an issue is found during the products lifetime, it is easy to track back to who built the product, for corrections to be made. This ID system is equivalent to every employee, involved in building the product, signing their personal seal of approval on every product they build. Not all powder coating processes are created equal, but you can rest assured that the multi-step powder coating process used on ABI products is second to none. Proper material selection, roofed-storage, innovative cleaning & preparation, state-of-the-art equipment, and industry leading "trade-secret" techniques enable ABI to offer a true architectural grade powder coating on all products. The benefits of this architectural grade powder coating includes better rust resistance, a fantastic finish and a longer service life. UV inhibitors are also applied to resist the damaging affects of the sun.