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* Drop Pin Standard - Shown With Optional Ball Coupler

Disc Harrows ATV/UTV Disc

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ATV/UTV Disc Harrows

Most competitors atv utv discs don't work very well unless soil conditions are ideal. This could leave you stranded with a piece of equipment that simply can't do the job you paid good money to achieve. The atv utv disc from ABI is different. It is designed to work well in most any soil conditions and complete the job effectively. So what makes the ABI atv utv disc work so well? It is a combination of features not found on most atv discs that get the job done. These include: Adjustable cutting angles, full size 16" notched discs, weight tray, space for material to flow between axles & heavy unit weight. The atv disc from ABI has all of these features; most competitors don't! Whether working in the yard to make the perfect garden spot or in the woods on your food plot, the atv disc will get the job done! This system has two adjustable axles with 5 16" coulter discs each (10 total discs). The front discs push material to the left and the back pushes material to the right. This forces the disc to pull against itself to force it into the ground. The heavy duty welded square tube frame with adjustable tongue is designed to apply pressure on the cutting discs for maximize penetration. The front and back axles may be adjusted in 3 cutting settings each (6 total settings), this disc will work well in a variety of ground conditions. The top tray can be used to add additional weight or as a platform to carry seed or fertilizer. The center jack raises and lowers the wheels for easy operation and transport most anywhere your atv will take you. The frame and hitch components are welded for superior strength. This system was designed to offer the full features of a tractor disc scaled for the atv. This quality unit is an industry leading 455 lbs. for superior ground penetration and durability.


Direct Shipping

Buy Factory-Direct - We Ship To Your Property:

ABI attachments are sold direct to the customer over the phone and internet and shipped via a common-carrier truck to your property! This factory-direct business model eliminates the middleman and dealer markups allowing ABI to provide better attachments for the money. Buying direct also ensures that you're not limited to a local dealers in-stock inventory, but instead you have access to every model, size, and configuration we offer and you can have it shipped to you in just a few days. We think this is a better way to do business, as it gives you more options and you get to work directly with the people who design and build attachments.

Superior Manufacturing:

ABI products are manufactured in a 700,000 sq./ft. state-of-the-art facility employing hundreds of qualified U.S. workers. Steel is brought in by rail, stored indoors, cut and milled to specification and moved about the facility via massive overhead programmable cranes. These overhead cranes bring the materials to the welding stations that employ both robotic and conventional welding. The steel components then go through a state-of-the-art cleaning with 2 acid washes and sand blasting. The completed components are then given a architectural grade powder coating. Assembly is then completed by specially trained workers. All this is completed in-house so quality is controlled throughout manufacturing.

Architectural Grade Powder Coating:

Not all powder coating processes are created equal, but you can rest assured that the multi-step powder coating process used on ABI products is second to none. Proper material selection, roofed-storage, innovative cleaning & preparation, state-of-the-art equipment, and industry leading "trade-secret" techniques enable ABI to offer a true architectural grade powder coating on all products. The benefits of this architectural grade powder coating includes better rust resistance, a fantastic finish and a longer service life. UV inhibitors are applied to resist the damaging affects of the sun.


Part #
3' (36")
Unit Weight
455 lbs.
Min. Horsepower
Min. CC
# of Axles
# of Discs
Disc Diameter
Disc Type
3 Settings
Front Discs Harrow
Left to Right
Rear Discs Harrow
Right to Left
Hitch Type
Drop Pin Hitch
Finish Color
Black Gloss
Powder Coating
1 Year Limited
Pricing & specifications are subject to change without notice.