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Water Trailer Potable (On-Road / Off-Road)

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Kiser Water Trailer - Potable

Kiser Potable Water Wagon Trailers are specifically designed to safely transport clean consumable water virtually anywhere it is needed. These potable water trailers are equipped with full drain black tanks, to reduce algae & bacteria growth, and gravity fed water spigots that may be customized to meet the unique needs of the customer. ABI has the manufacturing capacity to fulfill both large volume orders of up to 1,000 units and orders for a single unit. The quality remains the same no matter the order size. We even work with government agencies to fulfill large military & humanitarian contracts to spec and on time. Kiser water trailers come in 500, 1,000 & 1,600 gallon capacities and your choice of off-road or D.O.T. (on-road) configurations. Kiser Potable Water Trailers are built "tank tough" for years of worry free service. Our experts are ready to help by calling 877.788.7253 or completing the request form to the right. Be sure to watch our online video below!


Water Distribution System

Water Distribution System:

The Kiser Potable water trailers standard configuration includes a dual 2" ball valve water distribution system with a 5/8ths" hose barb. This system should accommodate the majority of potable water needs as it allows for a 5/8ths' hose to be secured to it. If a custom solution is needed to connect this water distribution system into a custom water intake or if additional valves are needed just provide the specs and we will do our best to meet your request. If powered output is needed see the powered water trailers >>Here<<
Black Polyethylene Rotationally Molded Tank

Black Polyethylene Rotationally Molded Tank: (FDA Approved)

Easy to drain and wash out (if needed) after use due to the unique design of each unit. 500 Gal. - The full drain tank is rotationally molded for superior quality and is FDA approved for potable water usage. 1,000 Gal. - The sloped full drain tank is designed to ensure it may be completely drained or flushed after use. FDA Approved 1,600 Gal. - The full drain elliptical leg tank is designed to keep the water as near to the frame as possible to minimize the risk of becoming top heavy. Sump in bottom of tank for complete draining. FDA Approved
6" - 8" Structural Channel Iron Frame

6" - 8" Structural Channel Iron Frame:

6" - 8" channel iron rugged welded frame for extreme durability and long service life. No bolts here! This frame is built tank tough to endure virtually any conditions. Unlike many competitors these frames are engineered from the ground up to be water wagon trailers. No wood is used to build ABI frames. Only the highest quality steel, superior craftsmanship and powder coating is acceptable. Each frame size is individually engineered for safety and long service life. The steel saddle, which secures the water tank, is then mounted to the frame.
Suspension & Axle(s)

Suspension & Axle(s):

Single or tandem axles with spring suspension will enable these units to offer a smooth ride. Suspension and axles are engineer and field tested for each size unit to ensure safe operation and long service life.
Electric Drum Braking System

Electric Drum Braking System: (D.O.T. Models Only)

D.O.T. certified models include an electric drum braking system.

Fenders: (D.O.T. Models Only)

D.O.T. certified models include fenders. These fenders are designed to reduce water spray from rain and snow and minimize debris from being thrown into following traffic.
Lighting System

Lighting System: (D.O.T. Models Only)

D.O.T. certified models include an electric lighting system. There are 2 brake lights that double as turn signals on the back. These lights also have side reflectors. The trailer also has one runner light on each side. All lights and brakes connect via a standard plug.
Easy To Use Hitch System

Easy To Use Hitch System:

Quickly & easily connect to any hitch. Adjustable to properly line up the tongue of the wagon to a variety of hitch heights for ease of use with different size tractors and trucks. Select from a pin hitch, ball hitch or clevis hitch. A Ball hitch is standard on D.O.T. models. A swivel crank jack is included to easily raise or lower the hitch to meet up with the tractor. Safety Chains are standard.

Superior Manufacturing:

ABI products are manufactured in a 700,000 sq./ft. state-of-the-art facility employing hundreds of qualified U.S. workers. Steel is brought in by rail, stored indoors, cut and milled to specification and moved about the facility via massive overhead programmable cranes. These overhead cranes bring the materials to the welding stations that employ both robotic and conventional welding. The steel components then go through a state-of-the-art cleaning with 2 acid washes and sand blasting. The completed components are then given a architectural grade powder coating. Assembly is then completed by specially trained workers. All this is completed in-house so quality is controlled throughout manufacturing.

Architectural Grade Powder Coating:

Not all powder coating processes are created equal, but you can rest assured that the multi-step powder coating process used on ABI products is second to none. Proper material selection, roofed-storage, innovative cleaning & preparation, state-of-the-art equipment, and industry leading "trade-secret" techniques enable ABI to offer a true architectural grade powder coating on all products. The benefits of this architectural grade powder coating includes better rust resistance, a fantastic finish and a longer service life. UV inhibitors are applied to resist the damaging affects of the sun.

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Optional Equipment

Customizable Water Distribution:

  • If our standard dual valve water distribution system will not work for you, contact us to discuss what will. We can usually customize a solution to meet your needs.

Motor, Pump, Plumbing, Spray Bar or Hose:


500 Gal.
1,000 Gal.
1,600 Gal.
850 lbs.
1,800 lbs.
2,140 lbs.
Weight Full
5,015 lbs.
10,338 lbs.
15,468 lbs.
Min. Horse Power
35 w/4wd
55 w/4wd
75 w/4wd
Frame Construction
6" - 8" Channel Iron
6" - 8" Channel Iron
6" - 8" Channel Iron
# of Axles
Suspension Type
5 leaf double eye spring suspension
2 - 11L-15 Implement 8ply
4 - 11L-15 Implement 8ply
2.35-80R 16E
Hitch Type
Choose from a 2 5/16" Ball, Pin or Clevis Hitch (same cost)
Tank Type
Rotationally Molded
Rotationally Molded
Rotationally Molded
Tank Drainage
Full Drain
Sloped Full Drain
Full Drain Leg
Valves Fittings
2" Banjo Brand
2" Banjo Brand
2" Banjo Brand
36 Month Limited
36 Month Limited
36 Month Limited