Our AttachMatch™ Guarantee connects every customer with an ABI factory rep, ensuring our attachments match our customer’s current and disclosed usage application, work requirements, and vehicle specifications. See details here: AttachMatch™ Guarantee in writing 

ABI’s factory reps are expertly trained in products, customer usage applications, worksite requirements, and tow vehicle compatibilities. This training ensures customers are matched with the correct attachment model, size, and configuration for their unique situation. Customers have the convenience of buying online with the confidence of working direct with a factory expert.

The purchaser is responsible to fully disclose their current usage application(s), work requirements, and the vehicle model(s) that will be used with the attachment(s) on a paticular order, at the time of ordering. ABI Attachments does not guarantee any change in usage application, work requirements, or vehicle specifications after the order has been shipped.

AttachMatch™ Guarantee Process
  1. Please browse our website to find interesting attachments.
  2. Let us know you’re interested in a product by completing its online form, calling us at 888-931-4944, or chatting online.
  3. Depending on the contact method you choose, we will connect with you right away:
    • Online Form: We’ll call you back the next business day.
    • Phone: We’ll talk instantly during business hours 8am – 5pm (ET) Mon – Fri
    • Live Chat: We’ll chat instantly if service is active online
  4. When we connect, we will discuss your usage application, work requirements, vehicle specifications, and budget. Don’t worry if you don’t know all the details; we have extensive resources to help out!
  5. We will recommend a couple options based on our conversation, taking into account your unique criteria. We will also back our recommendation with an AttachMatch™ Guarantee in writing and provide affordable payment options so you can get to work right away. Contact us today; we’re excited to meet you!