ABI Support – Receiving Your Equipment

Hi, my name’s Adam with ABI. There are a few things that will help you greatly improve your customer experience throughout the delivery process. What I’ll go over is what to expect when receiving your ABI tool, the tools and equipment that you may need to offload and accept your delivery, how to handle the delivery, and the services and resources available to you during and after the delivery has been made.

When your tool arrives, you should expect a few different things. First is how it will arrive delivered to you. It may show up on a pallet, a pallet within a skeletal crate, or even on a pallet with shrink wrap and bands. These are all used to make sure that your tool arrives in the best condition possible. In some cases, your tool will arrive on a pallet enclosed with a cardboard box. In those situations, please take the time to open up the cardboard and expect the tool for any damages to the frame. When it does arrive, it may show up on a flatbed trailer or a 58 foot trailer, depending on what you’ve ordered. If either these are of concern, please give us a call.

The tools that may be needed to accept the delivery may be a ripping hammer or a crowbar, three inch wire cutters, a utility knife, and most importantly, they most often is a forklift, a loader with forks, or a loader with a bucket. You may also need a UTV or ATV to help pull it off the truck. If any of these are of concern, please give us a call immediately and we will help you out with the delivery.

Once you received your tool and brought it off the trailer, the next part is the most critical process of accepting your delivery. Please take the time to inspect the tool thoroughly for any damages. This could be damage to the pallet, the shrinkwrap, or the tool itself. If any of these are visible, pease take the time to notate on the piece of paper that the driver provides. If you’re unsure, please give us a call and we’ll help clarify and work with you while the driver is there. If this is not done, we lose our ability to work with the carrier to correct any damages or issues that may result in additional costs. With all deliveries, you’re allowed a certain amount of time with each driver to inspect your tool. You should be given at least 15 to 30 minutes to inspect your tool while the driver is available. If you find that you are not getting the support from him, please give us a call immediately.

With our services and solutions, there’s many different ways that we can work with you to help make your delivery a positive experience. Some of those may include a liftgate service or a roll-off service, which may have an order at the time of your purchase. These will help you with offloading your tool, but aren’t necessarily use entirely to bring your tool to the ground. In certain circumstances, you may need your forks or your bucket to help assist the lift gate due to the size of the tools.

While the drivers are independent contractors, they may help you with the delivery. But it is the customer’s primary responsibility to ensure that the tool can be lowered to the ground. This may be through the use of the liftgate or a pup trailer, depending on what your needs are. Depending on the services that you’ve requested, the carriers may call ahead to make an appointment delivery. In other circumstances, if they’re delivering to a business, they may deliver it directly to your business without advance notification.

Our team will be send you an email that includes both the carrier contact info and the tracking number. This will allow you to go online and be able to contact the carrier directly if you have questions regarding the delivery or setting up the delivery appointment. We thank you for your order. And if you have any questions, please call us at 855-211-0598. For additional support resources, please visit