Here we are at ABI and ABI was called out for the ALS challenge by Parelli natural horsemanship and particularly Mark Weiler, the president of Parelli and Linda Parelli. And so ABI’s going to respond and we’re going to respond by inviting our company to participate. ABI is also going to donate 1000 dollars to the ALS funds. And some of our employees have contributed as well. We will add that to the total. Now, before we get going, I’m going to call out some people. My name is Scott. One of the owners. This is Kevin Keigley. He’s the president and one of the owners of ABI. I am calling out to participate in this ALS challenge, Clinton, Anderson and Downunder Horsemanship, and Clinton… I want the whole company involved. Make this big give a lot of money. I want to call out Priefert manufacturing, specifically Jeff Rasche and Eddie Priefert. You guys can organize your company. I want to see some money put in and see a good video on Facebook. And then I’m going to call a great Grant McKnight from DuraEdge. And then I have one more. This is just an individual personal favor of mine. I’d like to see Jim called out and. Yeah, absolutely. And Jim, I’d like to see it without the cowboy hat. So there you go. All right. And Kevin, who are you calling out?

I’m calling out my son Nick Keigley. My friend Chris Gosport from California Auto Connection. And also, I want to call out Larry Grant, who lost his wife years ago to Lou Gehrig’s disease, a good friend of mine. And I would like to dedicate this money towards Joyce Grant.

All right. So now we have 32 employees who are ready, ice bucket. And I promise that we put ice in it and we spelled out ABI. You’re going to get a view from above of ABI. And then we’re gonna dowse each other for ALS.