OK. On your spreader, to adjust your gears from neutral first, second, third and fourth, you have a roller cam and you have what is called the star wheel. Now, the star wheel has three prongs on it. When you make the adjustment, you want to make sure you turn the star wheel so that the lobe of the star wheel is facing the roller cam and you’ll only want an eighth to a quarter inch gap between the two.

After a while, as that roller cam wears it will get further away and you’ll lose first gear. So if that happens, what I always suggest doing, putting a flat screwdriver between the roller cam and the star wheel. Put a pair of vise grips, lock them on tightly on the end so when you loosen these two adjustment collar bolts that the sensors are spring on it, that it won’t shoot this off. And then what you do is after you loosen these two, you can move this back and forth until you have your right gap. And then when your gap is correct and you have between an eighth and a quarter inch, you only need enough room for the roller cam, not the star wheel when it turns. Once you get that, then you tighten down the two set collar bolts and you’re back in business.