With the ripper teeth installed, the Rascal Pro becomes an amazingly aggressive gravel maintenance tool capable of removing potholes from driveways, even repairing large scale washouts. To effectively remove potholes the Rascal Pro is capable of ripping into compacted gravel all the way to the bottom of the pothole, removing the entire compacted sidewalk.

Many gravel roads have a stone dust base that should not be disturbed by the loosening teeth. This means that the Rascal Pro’s stabilizing gage wheels are imperative to get to the bottom of the pothole without going too deep.

This was a dangerous riding trail where horses could easily turn or break an ankle. Let’s see how the Rascal Pro handled the situation. And here is a barely washed out parking lot at the Georgia International Horse Park. These ruts are 12 to 16 inches deep. And this job represents what we would call a worst case scenario.