The name’s Link Baumann, I’m a cutting horse trainer here have been established here about nine years. We’ve been just training cutter and helping lawn pros and sport horses and help out other people with horses here, so you know.

Set up here about nine years ago. We’ve been always looking to better the place and keep their horses in tip top condition. So looking. Always looking for things to help us out. We work about between nine and 16 a day. Horses usually run like 30 head of cattle, run through here each day. And it’s a fairly high traffic area.

The grooming routine is that the if a pen gets used, the Rascal comes out every day and grooms the pen. The thing that I found with the Rascal is that when we groom the pen every day, we get a consistent work. Sand has lasted eight years. So we’ve got longevity out of our sand, and the main thing is that we don’t get any major injuries, tendons or system or injuries with our horses. Our legs are very clean and it’s something that especially my wife is conscious of. So that you actually know that especially with young horses, when the arena is groomed every day, that the horses are very consistent and sure footed and comfortable and confident in stopping and turning around.

We purchased a horse walker from Priefert Australia and was pulling the first one. And then Maxi sort of let us know this product was on the market and been in the States and seen it. Seeing it in the States pricked our ears. So we when he first got him here, we jumped on board with him and got involved and trialled a few for them here, and soon as I used it once, I knew was, you know, I had to have a part of the business here.

The cutter bar on this product is really good because it gives you that proper depth that you need to be working out and the base is nice and solid. The thing while this product was so impressive to us. We’ve seen a lot of other products made and drags and they cover up the top. That looks nice and level, but it was an inconsistency under the ground. That’s the most important part. Is this because it’s given it that consistent surface.

We’re using it coming up five years. Never had a structural problem with it. And it’s it’s quite durable and it’s well finished and haven’t had a one day’s problem. So it’s one of those tools you go and use every day and now you can pack it up and it’s ready to go tomorrow.

And as far as the implement itself, it’s quite user-friendly. My wife, she’s not a very big person. She can hook it up to the ATV and use it. It’s quite good to wheel around. And so it it’s easy, easy to work and the adjustments on her are quite easy. So it’s pretty foolproof.

I’ve been a farrier for coming up 35 years, and the thing with the Rascal Pro is why I really liked it when I first seen is because I do a lot of lameness work and a lot of horses come to me. Performance horses, race horses, and you find a lot of injuries are caused from inconsistent surfaces. So this product is a product that can be if used no matter if it’s on a cutting establishment or dressage or even some of the dirt tracks and race racehorse pre-trainers use, at least with this thing, it gives you a consistent surface, so it gives you a better stance for sound of horses and longevity of your horse’s feet and legs.

I’ve been on the board of directors in NCHA for the last five years, and I’m chairman of the cattle chairman, and the surfaces and working areas at the NCHA. So, in our major events, I’ve got to take care of that. I’ve seen a lot of the competitors implements being worked, but when I’ve seen this product come through, it’s chalk and cheese. So, you need to be mindful of when you’re looking at these products, make sure you get one that can do the job correctly, it’s built right for the job, and it’s going to give you the right result.

So I’ve got an enquiry about the implement, give us a yell on our website, or call us on our mobiles 0427-898510. Happy to talk to you about the implement even if its performance horse related or soundness related, because if you have problems, certainly glad to help out.