ABI operates independently of the freights carriers and works to build relationship with those that can deliver the best service and price. Please keep in mind each terminal sets their own delivery schedules with delivery equipment available at their site. In most instances it is best for you to speak directly with the appointment clerk, when called, to discuss any specifics regarding your delivery once your tool is en route. 

Unloading The Truck: An authorized individual, that is at least 18 years of age, MUST be present at the time of delivery to conduct the delivery inspection. In most cases this person will need to have a tractor with a bucket, bucket with forks, or a forklift available to help offload the tool. This person must also be skilled in the operation of the machinery used to assist in the offloading process. In addition, your tool may come boxed, banded, or shrink wrapped, you may need snips, a utility knife, work gloves, and safety glasses available. 

Special services such as a liftgate, advanced notification, or a roll-off service may be purchased in advance. The truck driver is not responsible to lower your tool to the ground, unless a lift-gate service is ordered in advance (when available). 

Track Online With “Pro Number”

In order to track you shipment you will need your tracking number also called a “PRO Number”. This tracking number is emailed to the email address used in the checkout process when it is available. If you have not received a tracking number by email it is likely due to the product not yet being ready for shipment. If you need the tracking number resent to you please request it again at our online Help Desk. With your tracking number (Pro #) handy find the freight company code, found on the shipping confirmation email, below to begin tracking. For shipments sent through XPO, OD, YRC and SAIA you may also contact our broker, Blue Grace, at 1-414-329-6422. Flatbed and UPS shipments cannot be tracked here.

Company CodeCompany NameTrack ShipmentsPhone Number
XPOXPO LogisticsTracking1-414-329-6422
YRCYellow Roadway CompanyTracking1-414-329-6422
ODOld DominionTracking1-414-329-6422
PriefertPriefert LogisticsN/A800-527-8616 ext. 219
With or without a "pro number" you may call us at 877.788.7253 Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm EST and request your order be tracked.