Preparing For Delivery

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Throughout the life of your ABI product, our team is here to assist you. We are committed to delivering a remarkable ownership experience for each of our customers. So whether you’re needing help with initial setup and operation, or you’re an experienced pro needing to replace wear parts, we are here to serve you. While we do offer self service support resources online, we are most proud of the service provided by our exceptionally experienced customer service team. No matter your ABI related question or concern, we are here to walk with you throughout ownership of your ABI product(s).

Toll-Free Phone Support (877) 788-7253

Estimated Production Schedule

Estimated Production TimeProduct
2-3 Business DaysABI Workman XL, ABI Land Plane, ABI Coco Mat, ABI Rigid Mat, ABI XD Flexible Mat, ABI Command Seeder, ABI Finish Mower, ABI 3-Point Cultipackers (4')
3-4 Business DaysABI 3-Point Cultipackers (6')
3-5 Business DaysABI Rebel Trailer, ABI TR3 E - Property Edition, ABI TR3 E-Series, ABI Gravel Grader
4-5 Business DaysABI ATV Chain Harrow, ABI Tractor Pasture Harrow
5-6 Business DaysABI TR3 Rake, ABI Gravel Rascal, ABI Arena Rascal Pro, ABI TR3 Classic
5-7 Business DaysABI Infield Rascal MVP, ABI Infield Grader, ABI Force, ABI SR1, ABI SR3, ABI 25, 65, & 85 GD Classic Spreader, ABI TR3 E – Trevor Brazile, ABI Infield Rascal Pro
5-10 Business DaysABI 500 Gallon Compact Water Trailer
7-9 Business DaysABI 3-Point Disc Harrow, ABI Box Blade, ABI Rear Blade, ABI Tine Rake, ABI GD Broadcast Spreader, ABI HD Brush Mower, ABI SD Brush Mower, ABI HD Rotary Tiller
10 Business DaysABI 300 Gallon Compact Water Trailer
10-12 Business DaysABI 125 PTO Classic Spreader, ABI 185 PTO Classic Spreader, ABI 50 PTO Classic Spreader, ABI 85 GD Classic Spreader, ABI 85 PTO Classic Spreader, ABI PTO Broadcast Spreader
15 Business DaysABI SpeedMaster
15-17 Business DaysABI TR3 Command Series
20-25 Business DaysABI 1000 Gallon D.O.T. Water Trailer, ABI 1000 Gallon Water Trailer, ABI 500 Gallon Water Trailer, ABI 500 Gallon D.O.T. Water Trailer, ABI Revolution
25-30 Business DaysABI DragMaster (8' & 10')
30-35 Business DaysABI 1600 Gallon D.O.T. Water Trailer, ABI 1600 Gallon Water Trailer
35-40 Business DaysABI DragMaster (12')
40 Business DaysABI DragMaster (14' & 16')
Estimated production times shown do not include additional transit days required to ship this product to your location. Production time begins the business day after your order has been placed.

Equipment Offloading Requirements

Please ensure you’ve discussed your comprehensive offloading plan with your product specialist. An overview of the delivery process including your responsibility as a customer can be viewed here

Critical Customer Delivery Responsibilities

Due to the size and weight of this tool you need to be prepared for the following. If any of the below responsibilities are of concern, you must call 877.788.7253 immediately.

  • Delivery Truck Access: The carrier will deliver your order to the end of your driveway or commercial dock. You will be responsible for assisting in the offloading process in the location, at or near the end of your driveway, where the delivery driver chooses. You will then be required to move your order from the end of your driveway to your desired location. If you do not have machinery that is capable of moving your order, you may be required to assemble your equipment and connect it to a tow vehicle at the end of your driveway. Some carriers will not drive down dirt or limited access roads. If you live on a dirt road or believe the delivery truck may have trouble accessing the end of your driveway, please contact us immediately. ABI may need to arrange additional services or plan for an alternate delivery location if your delivery requires the carrier to drive down a dirtor limited access road. Changes in delivery plans and services may incur additional charges.
  • Unloading The Truck: An authorized individual, that is at least 18 years of age, MUST be present at the time of delivery to conduct the delivery inspection. Also, this person MUST be skilled in the operation of any machinery required to be used during the offloading process. Your order may come boxed, banded, or shrink-wrapped. You may need to have snips, a utility knife, work gloves, safety boots, and safety glasses available for use. Most ABI equipment requires the assistance of a forklift, tractor with front-end loader, or a lift gate to offload. We have already discussed an offloading plan and ordered freight accessorials for you based on your direction. We have charged you for the services listed on your Sales Order. You may be required to pay additional charges if additional services are needed to deliver or offload your order.
  • Delivery Inspection: Upon delivery, you will need to thoroughly inspect your purchase for any damages or shortages (missing pieces). ABI nor the carrier will be responsible for damage or shortage if you do not indicate damage or shortage on the document the delivery driver asks you to sign (BOL). Depending on your order, this may require you to remove shrink-wrap, banding, or cardboard packaging to visibly inspect your order for damage and shortage. INSPECT THE ORDER WHILE THE TRUCK DRIVER IS PRESENT. If damage or shortage is found, you must sign the BOL (document the driver provides) “Damaged.” If you have any questions about what constitutes damage or shortage please call 877-788-7253 before the driver leaves.
  • Terminal Or Customer Pick Up: If you selected a carrier or factory pickup option, the carrier or ABI will contact you when the order becomes available for pickup. You will receive a notification with pick up instructions including address, hours of operation, contact names, and numbers. Please ensure your vehicle or trailer has the appropriate space and payload capacity to transport your new equipment legally. Please be sure to inspect the tool and sign for any damages or shortages BEFORE accepting the shipment. Damage and shortage must be notated on the document the carrier provides you.