Gravel Driveway Repair With Your ATV or UTV – Start To Finish

Jack Owens [00:00:16] Jack Owens with ABI attachments and here with a customer just showing off the Gravel Rascal Pro. A lot of times on properties just from the traffic especially longer driveways that we have out in the country they need a lot more attention than just normal in town drives. When I come onto a property I’m always looking at the grade and seeing where the water is gonna go and how do I get the water away from the traffic areas. So that’s what I’m going to be doing is kind of surveying and grading and moving the ground where it needs to be to take care of these problems. So what I first do with the Rascal is I’ll have this rake all the way up out of play so nothing is getting bound because everything needs to be ripped. So I have the rippers usually in the second hole here and then I’ll just go all around the driveway and just read them break things up. So the Rascal I’m going down about two three inches to wrap things out. Get it broken up so that I can backfill it again and try to raise it up pack it down to where it’s higher than those edges and the water has some place to go with the grade of land. Now that the materials are all broken up the bottom of the potholes or rip out now I’m using the rake to auto fill. So taking your highs and so on the lows. So once I get the rake loaded up on these large holes you have to drag a lot of material into them and just drop it off. Using the electric actuator, it’s a lot easier then getting on and off raising and lowering it. So the mud pits pretty much full but it’s amazing how much material is actually here and it just needs redistributed.

Jack Owens [00:03:33] It didn’t disappear. It’s still there. It’s just been moved around but we’ve had so much rain and so soft it needs to dry now. So let’s say after 24 hours a day of dry and you can come back out with a Rascal stir more material up leaving us alone and bring more material in and build it back up and keep working it as it dries. But that’s a whole lot cheaper and having more material brought home. So when we got to the driveway where we had to first use the rippers and rip in, rip out the potholes rip out the trouble spots the ruts. And then after we got everything brought back up ripped out we use the rake aggressively straight up and down as a box like a box grader to grab our highs fill in the lows and then taken the rake and put it more at a slight angle to press down to finish everything up. This has been a really wet season. A lot of agriculture is down and money is tight. The Rascal can really save some money I know around here. Twenty ton of limestone cost around 500 dollars. This driveway would probably take about four trucks to do. So this Rascal just got this driveway done using the existing material saving a ton of money. Everything being damp and wet actually makes it easier to grade. So the all the rain we’ve had this year is not all that bad. So we came on to this driveway had a bunch of potholes ruts and mud and now that’s drying up might after it dries another day or so do another pass and it’ll look great.

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