TR3 Grading Rake
TR3 Command Series – Grading & Landscape Rake
Henderson Turf Significantly Improves Bottom Line With ABI Attachments
TR3 Command Series | Seeding Prep for Collegiate Soccer Field
TR3 Rake Command Series – Tractor Rake (3D Spin)
TR3 Leveling Blade – A CLOSER LOOK (ABI DIRT)
ABI SR3 & SR1 Skid Steer Rake Conversation
ABI TR3 Command Series
ABI TR3 Command Series
ABI TR3 Command Series
ABI TR3 Command Series
ABI TR3 Command Series
ABI TR3 Command Series
ABI TR3 Command Series
ABI TR3 Command Series
ABI TR3 Command Series
ABI TR3 Command Series
ABI TR3 Command Series
ABI TR3 Command Series
ABI TR3 Command Series

TR3 Grading Rake

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TR3 Rake - For Landscapers & Contractors

The Command Series TR3 Rake is a commercial-grade seedbed preparation attachment for Cat 1 3-point tractors. This amazing landscape rake incorporates an auto leveling blade, hydraulic scarifiers and a finishing rake to properly prepare the perfect seedbed, free of compaction, for excellent seed-to-soil contact and accelerated germination. Unlike a power rake, the TR3 Rake has no rotary components, it can take abuse like no other soil prep attachment can. The TR3 Rake is vastly more efficient and effective than a power box rake as it can be operated at a much higher speed and is capable of eliminating compaction, leveling, raking, and finishing the ground simultaneously on every pass. The TR3 Rake has the capability to complete both light rough grading and finish grading jobs more quickly and easily than ever before. Forward and reverse grading and raking operation. Loosens soil up to 3" (Standard), adjustable to 5". 7.5' wide.

Tough Bite

There’s no quicker way to finish grade and prep a large seedbed than with a tractor. We invented the patented TR3® to be the ultimate multi-purpose tractor tool. On large sites,where heavy equipment has been constantly compacting the soil, the only way to create a healthy seedbed is to de-compact deep enough for a robust root system.

Finishing Finesse

The TR3® Command Series attachment with hydraulic scarifiers penetrates 5 inches or more to remove compaction quickly. It reduces the labor and time needed for seeding jobs, all while creating perfect seedbeds for healthy, hardy growth!

Ultimate Efficiency

The TR3® was designed to sit at an angle so all ground contact points work simultaneously: loosen, level, and rake on every pass! Foam-filled stabilizing wheels work in tandem with the 3-point hitch to keep the tool level, making it easy to operate & achieve professional results!

Soil Decompaction

At ABI Attachments we know that there is nothing more important to preparing a proper seedbed than getting rid of the compaction of the soil. A de-compacted soil allows water and air to reach the roots of the seed, giving those roots the ability to anchor deep creating a stable and healthy turf.

TR3 Decompacted Soil

Trent Gillam with Henderson Turf Farm talks with Scott Holmes with ABI Attachments about the benefits of the TR3 Command Series and the impact it has on seedbed germination.

Line Drawing

U.S. Patents


Ground-Engaging Components


H.P. Rating

27 - 110

Limited Warranty


The TR3 combines the best features of a tractor attached Box Blade, Landscape Rake, Pulverizer, Land Planner, & Scarifier all into one innovative design. This eliminates the need to switch out implements and delivers vastly superior results, significantly faster than ever before. In comparison to a power rake, the TR3’s features provide significantly more soil compaction relief, speed of operation, and grading capability without downtime due to extensive maintenance.

3 in 1

Innovative 3-In-One Design

Designed to operate at an angle, the TR3 is a wheel-supported 3-point tractor attachment with three ground-engaging components that work together to create the ideal seedbed.

Rock Teeth

Leveling Blade w/ Hinged Rock Teeth

Pulled forward, this blade floats to equalize high & low areas without damaging the ground contour, while rock teeth collect surface debris. It can also be locked down for aggressive grading. Pushed backward, the blade & teeth hinge up to eliminate resistance.

I Beam

Fully-Welded I-Beam Construction

Ensures the utmost strength and longevity. Our Command Series tools are engineered & filed-tested to work under tough commercial conditions every day!


HD Finish Rake

The 3/4″-thick hardened-steel rake gives the SR1 finesse and strength. Push forward to clear vegetation & debris and pull backward to smash dirt clods and leave an ideal seed- or sod-ready finish. Replaceable in 1′ sections.


Adjustable Scarifiers

Loosens the ground from 0-5″ deep with adjustable depth control. Durable cast teeth penetrate the hardest of conditions and bolt-on tips keep maintenance costs low.

Proudly manufacturered in the USA

Manufactured Right Here

You want the best quality materials, you want the highest quality workmanship, you want your attachments made in the United States of America–and so do we! That’s why, since 1997, we’ve been manufacturing and selling equipment built to exceed your expectations, just like we should. This attention to detail creates products that are durable, reliable, and ready to do your toughest work–day after day.

Limited Warranty For Farm, Ranch, and Commercial Tools

36-month Warranty

We build equipment with commercial-grade construction and superior craftsmanship, so you can rest assured it will last a very long time. And to back that up, we offer a 36-month limited warranty on this product. See warranty documentation for details.

Vehicle Type 3-Point Tractor
Min. Horse Power 35
Unit Weight 1,100 lbs.
Raking Width 89"
Grading Width 66"
Scarifying Width 59"
# of Scarifiers 8
Hydraulic Scarifiers Yes
Scarifier Spacing 6.5-9"
Scarifying Depth 0-3" Adjustable to 5"
Scarifying Tip Yes - Replaceable (Bolt-On)
Hydraulic Ports Needed 1 Set
Construction I-Beam & Angle Iron
Rake Material 3/4" AR Steel - Laser Cut - (Replaceable in sections)
Wheels 12" Foam Filled
3-Point Tractor Mount CAT I
Skid Steer Mount No
Unit Dimensions 96"W x 50"D x 39"T


We build equipment with commercial-grade construction and superior craftsmanship, so you can rest assured it will continue making you money for a long time. And to back that up, we offer a 60-month limited commercial warranty on this product. That's right, this product is designed for daily use, is built tough enough for commercial applications, and is backed by the longest standard commercial warranty we are aware of in the industry! Rental usage 12-months. See warranty documentation for details.

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    Great product

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SR3 Grading Rake

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