TR3E Equine Edition Quick Start Guide

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Setting Up Your TR3E

The TR3E Series Equine Edition is easy to set up. The video below demonstrates the steps necessary to get your new TR3E Series Equine Edition up and running.

IMPORTANT: In order for your TR3E to function properly, it is essential that the vertical masts located at the rear of the TR3E are running vertically plumb while the tool is in operation. The picture below demonstrates using the assistance of a bubble level how this should look.

TR3E Equine Edition

The setup video below briefly demonstrates how to use the top link to make adjustments to ensure proper tool alignment in relationship to the ground. However, once the tool engages the ground, it can affect the angle of the tool. In order to ensure proper operation, once the TR3E is in the ground, pull forward 10 feet. Then return to the tool and once again confirm that the masts are vertically plum by adjusting the top link as necessary prior to continuing to drag.

Failure to keep masts vertical will cause the ground engaging components to operate at an incorrect angle which can lead to the tool bouncing, leaving undulations or ridges in your finish, or conversely causing the tool to dig into your base. These behaviors are a primary sign that the vertical masts are not running vertically plumb.

Maintenance, Adjustments, & Overview
Pro Tips

Renovating Your Arena
The TR3E Series does more than just maintain your arena, it can also do renovation work. The video below provides you with helpful instructions on how to use your TR3E to renovate your arena.

Quick Reference Guide

Click the link below for a quick reference guide to help you set your New TR3E’s ground engaging components to your desired depth.

Please note, the chart serves only as a guide as individual arena conditions may vary. Guide assumes new wearable parts as the length of the ground engaging components decreases over time!

CAUTION: To prevent damage to your arena, be sure to know the depth of your base prior to using the TR3E Depth Guide. ABI is not responsible for damage to arenas or bases resulting in improperly setup tools. It is always advisable to set depths less aggressively and increase incrementally to avoid damage to arena or base material!

Warranty Information

The ABI TR3E Series Equine Edition and Trevor Brazile Edition is covered by ABI’s Performance Guarantee and a 60-month Limited warranty.