Have you ever envisioned your ballfields with a perfect grade? Infields, without standing water, without players tripping over the lips and base paths that are void of holes around the bases? Have you ever envisioned your infields being safe and playable all year long. With the ABI Force’s laser system, your vision can now become your reality.

Already the most versatile and only purpose built Infield groomer in the world, the ABI Force truly stands alone. The Force now has an optional laser system that allows you to get that perfect grade by cutting through the infield in small increments with a small footprint and lower horse powered machine. The Forces patented spring action is critical to the ultimate control this laser system provides, instead of a rigid blade being forced to cut deeper than the tractor or skidsteer can handle and ultimately causing it to stall, the Force’s spring action allows it to continue to cut by taking smaller amounts of material with every pass.

As with all laser systems, the transmitter sends a laser beam over the infield in either a dual plane or cone shape configuration. The Force then receives the laser beam and automatically raises and lowers the grating plane, ultimately grading your infield. Within one eighth of an inch. And because the Force is a zero-turn stand on machine, it provides unmatched maneuverability and visibility, being able to easily grade around home plate and pitcher’s mounds, and to be able to see exactly what you’re grading blade is doing makes the Force’s laser system an incredible addition to an already powerful machine.

ABI is driven by innovation, and our laser system is no exception. Directly tied to our patented spring action, the Force has a patent pending site gauge. This provides a unique ability to tell the operator exactly how much more cutting is necessary by showing how much the springs are flexed. This gauge is clearly visible to other equipment operators who may be assisting with the work. As your infield gets closer to perfection, and when your sight gauge shows that you’re within a quarter inch of grade, you can lock the springs down, eliminating the give and make a few final passes to guarantee your grade is within an eighth of an inch.

[00:02:17] The combination of the laser system, rear spring powered VibraFlex, and the mid-mount box blade makes for a perfect team. The rear VibraFlex loosens the hardpack material with every pass, while the laser controls the mid-mount box automatically moving your high spots into your low spots.

The Force as a laser system come standard with a receiver pole, remote control, and control panel. The receiver pole in the Force is telescoping to make it easy to sync with a transmitter, and the remote control gives the operator the ability to change the transmitters of laser percentages without having to get on and off the machine. The laser control panel is mounted near the hydraulic controls and is clearly visible. The balancing dial allows you to adjust the height of the grade so you can balance the distribution of the material without having to readjust the transmitter.

As proof of ABI’s innovation, the ABI Force is the only laser grader that can actually finish the infield, and make it ready for game day. Simply replace the mid-mount box blade with the VibraFlex, put a drag mat or a broom on the back, and watch the laser use the VibraFlex to cut through the final crusty high spots, while the rear attachment fills in the final holes and low spots. Your infield is now perfectly graded and ready for safe and playable games.

Don’t be intimidated by technology you may not understand. The learning curve for the Force as a laser system is short, and within a couple of hours of training you will have the confidence to bring your unmanageable infields to grade. We know that an inexperienced yet newly trained laser Force operator will outperform a seasoned operator with traditional equipment who grades by eye every time.

ABI also offers complete laser training at our home facility near South Bend, Indiana. And not only will we train any staff you send our way, but we guarantee them a great time in northern Indiana and a new appreciation and skillset for the responsibilities they carry.

At ABI, we believe that safe and playable infield are the ultimate goal and responsibility of you and your crews. With the Force’s laser system, you will get more games played because a perfectly graded infield will properly shed rainwater that usually gets trapped in low spots and around the lips. And the athletes who play on your fields will play safer games because a perfect grade eliminates the ruts and holes around the base paths and the whole infield has consistency. So ground balls bounce true, leaving no hidden surprises right under the surface.

If you are currently having a contractor laser grade your infelds every year, you know how much that costs out of your budget. With the ABI Force, if you have multiple fields to maintain, your return on investment will be quick. Within two to four years, you will have the laser system paid for and will now have complete control of your facility.

Make no mistake, a perfectly laser graded ball field is a beautiful thing to see. The wow factor for your players, coaches and spectators cannot be underestimated. There is a huge value to making sure that everyone wants to play ball on your fields and that they want to come back for more games. So if you already know that the ABI Force is the only infield groomer for you, take it to the next level and make your vision for your fields a reality. Guarantee that your infield will be perfect all year long with the laser system for your ABI Force.

For more information on pricing and configurations, contact our knowledgeable product specialists by calling our toll free number at 877-788-7253.