Better than a Box Blade

First things first, what is a box blade? A box blade is a type of implement that is used on tractors for tending the land. Typically, a box blade is almost always an unpowered machine, which makes you manually adjust the settings and is connected to the tractor via a three-point hitch system. The components that make up the box blade are a set of scarifiers, a 3-sided metal box, and front and back scraping blades. 

A box blade has a very straight-forward design that is created to complete simple tasks that you need to address around your property. Although it’s simple fundamental design is easy to maneuver, it is not a versatile tool. Box blades’ primary usage is for spreading, leveling, or backfilling. This tool has limited versatility. As a property owner,  you will need to have multiple different implements around your property to be able to solve all of your problems. 

So, what is a tool that addresses everything from grading your gravel driveway to landscaping your yard and garden? An ABI TR3-E Property Edition is an all-around tool that helps you as a property owner command your land. This tool combines the function of a box blade for a tractor, landscape rake, chain harrow, pulverizer, and land plane all into a single tool. With all of these innovative components included in a single drag, it will save you time and money all while doing your chores in a faster, more efficient manner. 

I’m sure you’re wondering at this point, if TR3-E Property edition does it all, how hard is it to use? If you have a property and a subcompact or compact tractor that needs maintenance, you are the perfect candidate for the TR3-E! All of the purposeful components reduce the need for an expert operator. Anyone can do it!

The TR3-E Property Edition has similar components of the Box Blade we talked about above such as ripping scarifier teeth. However, it also includes other accessories like an adjustable pulverizing rake, depth and crown control wheel, and a profile blade to accomplish more jobs with one single tool.

The adjustable pulverizing rake is a simple solution for grading driveways and leveling soil while doing landscaping. It allows you to operate in reverse and position loosened material into low areas, rip out vegetation, and push existing debris into piles. The laser-cut rake pulverizes the surface you are trying to reset or prepare. 

The depth and crown control wheels stabilize the drag will allow you to have consistent loosened gravel depth throughout your driveway. These wheels are adjustable so they can be put into an offset position to enable you to establish a crown on your driveway. What is a crowned driveway? It is where a high point is created that runs parallel to the driveway to form a gentle slope. Crowning on driveways allows surface water to drain off easily — this method of crowning reduces damage to the driveway.

The specialized TR3- E Property addition combines all of the functions of a box blade, landscape rake, chain harrow, pulverizer, and a landplane in one innovative design. This implement will eliminate the need to have all of these tools littering your property. The TR3 E- Property Edition will save you time and money as a property owner that will allow you to get more accomplished with better results.

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