For years, ABI Sports Turf has been innovating the industry’s most useful and effective infield surface maintenance equipment.

ABI’s unrelenting desire to always be innovating and strong belief that trust is earned has produced a revolutionary infield groomer with innovative technology to advance the game. Welcome to the ABI Force. The ABI Force is a self-propelled, zero-turn multitask vehicle that responds as an extension of the human body, turning manual labor into mechanized efficiency.

Leveraging ABI’s proprietary technologies such as VibraFlexprofile blades, and fine finishing attachments, the ABI Force ensures major league performance on every infield, no matter the soil’s moisture, sand, silt and clay ratio or top condition applied. And because the ABI force may be additionally equipped with a hydraulic fertilizer and seed spreader, a hydraulic scarifier rake, a cultipacker, and a plug aerator, this performance extends into commercial grade turf grass management as well.

With the ABI forces selection of available attachments, giving one machine so much versatility. This investment will quickly pay for itself by getting more work done with fewer machines to maintain and purchase. The ABI. Force has proven so versatile and effective that it has earned the trust and exclusive endorsement of Grant McKnight and DuraEdge products, who has pioneered the engineered soil technology that has now been installed into over three quarters of Major League ballparks.

Before we take a closer look at the patent pending attachments that groom and renovate the infield surface. Let’s first take a quick tour of this agile machine. The ABI force features a standup riding position for unmatched visibility and an easy on easy off step through chassis that allows operators to take full command over their work.

For comfort while getting all that work done, a compression spring floor, knee pad and comfort grip controls are providing. An electric start, 23 horsepower v twin engine generates tremendous smooth power to accomplish tough jobs. The advance debris management system ensures a clean running engine even in dusty environments. The hydrostatic drive system is powered by two commercial grade Hydrogear brand pumps and to Parker brand wheel motors.

The operator has zero-turn maneuverability via intuitive controls to smoothly handle precision turns and quickly transition between forward and reverse operations. An adjustable speed lock enables a predetermined max speed setting for consistent grooming results regardless of the operator. Unlike other motorized groomers, primary ground-engaging attachments of the ABI Force our position slightly to the front of, and below, the operator via our patent pending, hydraulically operated, underbelly mounting system.

Levers enable precision fingertip adjustment to hydraulically raise and lower attachments and adjust their pitch forward to backward. This hydraulic system has 2000 pounds of lifting power, and it is spring loaded to provide constant downward force. Ensuring smooth tracking with the ground, this spring-loaded design also offers safety relief, preventing damage if an immovable object is struck by attachments below the surface. And just like a motor grader, primary ground engaging attachments are positioned underbelly at the midpoint of the machine between the wheels. This positioning provides the ultimate ground plane to ensure consistent and level operation. And to control the vertical travel of underbelly attachments, an adjustable depth lock enables predetermined depth control of attachments. ABI’s depth lock, along with a speed lock features help to take operator influence out of the equation for consistent results, regardless of operator skill or experience.

For daily grooming, the patent pending VibraFlex attachment is a complete reimagining of infield grooming. Evenly staggered u-pins transfer vibration and flex from front to back. Dancing along the infield to shattered surface tension, and groom any engineered soil and surface conditioner.

The VibraFlex groomer is available in two models to suit any facility needs. The eighth inch, quarter inch or three eight inch pins are easy to replace or exchange and are mounted at an angle to create four staggered rows to best suit surface conditions.

For light renovation work, the patent pending profile blade attachment yields unparalleled decompaction results, slicing the complete profile of the infield material one to three inches beneath the infield surface. This is accomplished without displacing the material, enabling mid season renovations and eliminating the need the laser grade after the work is complete.

Occasionally, decompacting the infield surface encourages a quick draining and consistent playing ball field. Profile blades also have the ability to cut weeds and grass at the root level to remove creeping grasses from infields and warning tracks, as well as remove lip buildup along the outfield edge. And the half inch thick, hardened steel multi-function rake can be hydraulically pitched to quickly finish renovation work by breaking up and smoothing out dirt clods, pulling material into low spots, pulling vegetation debris into piles and much more.

The ABI Force’s quick swap finishing attachments make it easier than ever to achieve the right finish, no matter the infield surface condition and with no tools required. The rigid drag mat with its leveling bar is the all purpose attachment that will float material to fill low areas and drag the surface ready for play. If the surface is already clod-free and level, then the fine finish broom creates the best finish in both high and low moisture conditions. The coco mat is an ideal solution to get wet fields ready for game time. The extreme duty flexible mat is designed to quickly break down small clay clods and reset a surface after light renovation work.

All four of the rear quick swap finishing attachments may be manually latched out of play for transport, or if ultimate efficiency is a critical concern, our available rear hydraulic lift allows fingertip control of these attachments. By adding available attachments, the ABI Force transforms into a zero-turn commercial-grade seeding and fertilizing system, a gravel and dirt work scarifier rake, a plug aerator, and an over seeder.

The hydraulic seed and fertilizer spreader can hold 120 pounds of material and has an adjustable spread pattern from 4 to 25 feet. The hydraulic scarifier rake enables aggressive gravel and dirt work from removing potholes and parking lots to preparing the perfect seedbed. The adjustable scarifiers and multi-function rake have the teeth for tough work.

The plug aerator is capable of working eighty thousand square feet per hour and can produce core depths up to three and a half inches. The ABI force is additionally equipped with a rear hitch towing equipment such as a cultipacker, dump trailer or ABI water trailer.

The ABI Force, a revolutionary infield grooming machine that’s expandable for commercial-grade turfgrass management, and seeding as well. Call us today at 877-788-7253 to speak with a product specialist or visit us online at