At ABI Attachments, we know that you need products that are durable, reliable and ready to do your toughest work day after day. Built for dependability, ABI’s compact water trailers are strong and perfectly designed for UTVs and compact tractors. These water trailers are commonly used for dust abatement, watering, washing, and hauling large volumes of water around your farm or property. They excel at specialty applications such as horse arenas, plant hydration, ball fields, and more. Proudly manufactured in the USA, ABI’s compact water trailers are available in 300 and 500 gallon capacities and feature fully welded, custom built frames and full drain tanks. ABI’s compact water trailers come loaded with features, perfectly selected to make this an invaluable and versatile trailer for your water application needs.

No matter how you spin it, a water trailer is only as good as the frame it’s built upon. The ABI compact water trailers have a frame that is fully welded tube steel, and is custom engineered for the demands of the enormous weight of water. The rugged steel frame is made for extreme durability and long service life.

ABI is dedicated to manufacturing our products in the USA. Only the highest quality steel, superior craftsmanship, and powder coating is acceptable. Plus, connecting to your UTV or compact tractor is quick and easy with our adjustable hitch system.

ABI’s compact water trailers feature a uniquely designed water tank. The tank sits on our custom-made steel frame. Unlike many competitors, ABI’s water trailer tanks are easy to thoroughly clean and flush out. This unique design also keeps water near the frame for easy access and to lower the center of gravity.

The white tanks are equipped with fill-line measurement markers and an easy access vented lid for filling and servicing. ABI compact water trailers can be equipped with a high quality motor, pump, and plumbing system, enabling precision application of water for a variety of applications. The powerful 127 CCE engine with overhead valve design delivers more power, longer engine life and improved fuel economy.

The centrifugal pump is non corrosive and self priming. We expect impressive performance, so the entire plumbing system is equipped with the best quality valves and the ability to adjust water pressure and flow from the engine, the valves, or a combination of the two.

ABI’s compact water trailers are available with a rear spray system with brass nozzles that ensures a consistent application of water to the ground when configured with a motor and pump. The brass nozzles provide superb coverage, are adjustable, and produces spray coverage of 6 to 20 feet.

The available no-kink spray hose conveniently stores on the trailer’s hose rack. The spray nozzle enables fan or stream spray patterns for a variety of washing and watering applications. Easily spray from the seat of the tow vehicle or from the ground. The available spray hose is also great for basic property protection, watering plants, cleaning stalls, farm equipment and countless other applications.

All of our water trailers feature convenient on-off flow control for ease of use. A ratcheting valve and attached rope allows you to turn the flow of water on and off. Plus, staying on the tractor or UTV. Not only is this a super convenient feature, but also conserves water, saving you time and energy, and eliminates overwatering that can be detrimental in certain applications.

All ABI water trailers come standard with a brand new autofill shut-off feature. This valve automatically shuts off the flow of water from a garden hose when the tank is full saving time and worry. Now you can fill the tank overnight or continue on with your day’s work and the trailer will be full and ready to use when you are.

For added functionality, ABI offers a convenient quick fill system on all water trailers. The available quick fix system allows easy filling of the tank from a pond or other available water source in mere minutes. The hose easily stores on a carrying rack and includes quick couplers to connect and disconnect with ease. You need a water trailer that is dependable and ready to do the toughest work.

At ABI Attachments, we build our water trailers with commercial-grade construction and superior craftsmanship so you can rest assured it will last a very long time. And to back that up, we offer an industry leading 36-month limited warranty on all of our water trailers. To find out more about ABI’s compact water trailers, call our toll free number and 877-788-7253.