When does your quad or ATV go from being a toy to being a tool?

From the world’s most innovative tractor and ATV attachment manufacturer comes the most impressive and functional ATV dump trailer on the market today. The workman XL dump trailer from ABI. Sure, you can find other dump trailers in the market, but none with the quality features and price point of the Workman XL Trailer if you are needing to haul or dump firewood, gravel for driveways, manure from stalls, feed for livestock, of If you work for a parks and rec department or landscape contractor, the Workman XL dump trailer is a must have for you and your company.

The Workman XL offers a large capacity dump bed, made a 14 gage steel that is lifted with a powerful electrical system. No manual lifting or winching is required. It is operated via sleek handlebar mounted controls or optional wireless remote for easy push button operations. The operator may evenly dump the load while slowly driving forward to apply gravel to a driveway.

Unlike most quad bike and ATV dump trailers, the Workman XL dump system is designed with the appropriate pitch and height to completely dump the load without additional manual labor. How much easier can it get?

The tailgate of the Workman XL is double-hinged. This allows you to release the top of the gate for a traditional tailgate. However, if you release the bottom hinge instead, this allows material to flow from the bottom of the tailgate or remove the tailgate all together.

The Workman XL Trailer is supported by torsion axles for four wheel independent suspension. These axles include electric brakes, heavy duty hubs and high speed bearings to keep heavy loads under control over rough terrain.

The massive 4-ply rugged terrain tires are the largest on the market and enable industry leading ground clearance. So this trailer can be taken almost anywhere your quad can go. The Workman XL is not tough enough to tackle rugged terrain and is powder coated, to protect its finish, to keep it looking great for a long time.

Name another trailer that packs this many features for the money. So regardless of what you need to haul or where you need to dump it, the Workman XL trailer from ABI, will get the job done and done right. And since the Workman XL trailer has a construction that it’s made to last, more features than our competitors, a great price point, and a company that stands behind its products with real people and a real warranty, you can’t go wrong by putting a Workman XL trailer behind your quad or small tractor.

To purchase your Workman XL trailer from ABI, you can either go to our website at, or call our toll free number at 1-800-609-669 and speak with a qualified product specialist.