You’ve chosen this life because you love it. It gives you purpose and meaning, and you don’t regret for one minute the sacrifices you have to make. You see, it’s about the land and your dreams for it. It’s who you are. It’s in your blood.

It’s not always easy because your days start at sunrise and your work is never really done. So when the day’s chores are still ahead of you, it’s comforting to know that you don’t have to handle them alone. You’ve got a Workman trailer to help make life, the life you love just a bit easier.

The Workman is strong and dependable. Capable of carrying its fair share of the load. And it’s always ready to work when you are knocking out one chore at a time until you’re ready to call it a day.

So if reliable, dependable and strong are characteristics you look for in a workman, then the Workman trailer from ABI will be more than just another tool to you. It’ll be your partner that you can count on day in and day out.

With its rugged construction and long list of features, the Workman is more than just a trailer. It’s a dump trailer that does more for you than just carry a load, it makes unloading whatever you need to haul a whole lot easier.

With its powerful electric ram lift and handlebar remote, the Workman takes a lot of the sweat out of your chores and makes more time to get more done.

The Workmen trailer comes in two sizes, the single axle workmen, which features the dump assist handlebars and a carrying load of eight hundred pounds. And the dual axle Workmen XL that offers a wireless remote to its electric power ram lift, that is rated at sixteen hundred pounds.

Both Workman trailers are made from a heavy duty 14 gage steel and 2 inch tube frame so they can handle the toughest of jobs. The tailgate on the Workman is hinged at the top and bottom and can even be completely removed.

The Workman has twenty five inch ATV style tires, which gives it an 11 inch ground clearance. Electric brakes on the Workmen XL at the independent torsion suspension axles help keep you that much safer from being confronted with a rough work environment.

So when you’ve come to the end of your day. And you look back at the accomplishments of your efforts. You’ll know that you couldn’t have gotten it all done by yourself. You needed your Workmen by your side. And when tomorrow comes, both you and the Workmen will be up and ready to do it all again at sunrise.