I’m Carol Williams and welcome to my arena and my home.

I’m a small horse owner operation here, and I’ve got just two horses and I’ve got another Arena Rascal Pro to take care of everything and it’s just wonderful. The Arena Rascal Pro manages my footing for riding and driving. I do both with my horses. I have as much cushion as I need for the riding. And when I want a little tighter and a little firmer, when I’m driving my cart in my arena, I have it just the way I need it.

The adjustability of the Arena Rascal Pro is just perfect. My horses loved the footing. We come out to use the arena and they put their nose right down in the dirt. They want to get right in there. Course, you know, you got to get busy and they move right along and they’re very comfortable.

My favorite feature about the Arena Rascal Pro is I’m a lady and I’m not very strong. It gives me no problem at all to use from start to finish. Hooking it up, grooming the arena, unhooking it and storing it. It’s a breeze.