Alright, we’re going to talk about the ABI Coco mat now behind the Z23 here. What this is, is a perfect surface finishing mat. This one being coco fibers that make up most of the mat will not actually be intrusive in the ground. It will literally just float across the surface, take away, any undulation that is on that surface, and his best used when you’re talking about and fields that have a grainier content on top. Some type of top dressing, even like a sandier material. It’ll just allow that material of the coco mat to just float across the surface.

What we’ve got here on the mat itself is we’ve got an 18 inch piece of coco fibers that actually bolt directly to a leveling drag bar off the front. We’ve got a six foot reach here on the drag bar, which is great. If you’ve got any material movement that happens during the games, you’re able to kind of level that conditioner out as you groom.

Again, being that it is very thick with the coco fibers underneath, it again just floats across the surface and will not dig and carry material with it.

When it is moist. If you got a little bit of surface moisture again, this because it’s a surface groomer is not going to clump up and carry the material and bog it down. It’s going to just kind of glide across the surface. So great to use. If you’ve got a little bit of surface moisture or if you’re just hitting a field before before a game for like a nice finish drag, if you’ve got that topical layer.

Again, we’ve got that six foot leveling bar in front of it. We’ve got the bolt on coco fiber mesh here that allows us to swap that in and out. So very easy to replace. And we’ve got the top link as well to be able to adjust that, to take that leveling bar out of play. You just want to give that nice sweeping finish.

Thank you for watching. If you’d like to learn more about the ABI Force and the rear attachments, please visit our website.