Ok guys. Dan James from Double Dan Horsemanship, and I’m here to talk about this incredible piece machinery right here. This is a P125 PTO driven manure spreader. When it comes to Manure spreaders, ABI is totally nailed it with this beast of a machine. Not only is it extremely well-made. The moving mechanics and parts of it are all quality materials. And what’s different about this one, as opposed to the other one we have is is this one is a PTO driven one, meaning that we have it hooked up to the tractor and we can be stationary and go about spreading or emptying this spreader it without having to be in motion.

The advantage to that as opposed to our ground driven unit that we have is out of the ground driven unit; Great machine, but you do have to be in motion and moving across your paddocks. Now, of course, that’s great when the weather and everything is is perfect. But we do it often at times here in Kentucky run into really wet conditions. And it’s this year being able to be stationary and to be able to empty that machine without having to drive across the pastures and tear them up. Huge advantage. So guys, if you’re in the market and looking for a spreader and you’ll needing something a bit big and you’re needing something that is a PTO driven machine, you can’t go past this beauty of a beast here. Check it out.