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To help create well rounded horses that are able to go on to do any discipline or job to achieve that perfect equine relationship.

About Me

Double Dan Horsemanship was first founded in 2009 when Dan James and Dan Steers settled in North Arm Cove, New South Wales, Australia. Dan & Dan started performing at regular entertainment shows and horsemanship clinic bookings around the country. In 2012, Dan James started the North American branch of the DDH Program. James has been touring the country giving clinics, competing and developing a rider?s ability to establish strong partnerships with their horse.

Cowboy Boots or Tennis Shoes

Depends on the job! I prefer to wear tennis shoes when I’m roman riding because it’s better for the horse’s backs and way more stable for me.

If you could do any other discipline, what would it be?

Polo, it’s action packed!

What makes you most proud?

When the hard work and sacrifice we put into being horsemen is rewarded. Whether that is an award winning performance or simply performing a maneuver that you have worked so hard to achieve.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Simply, enjoy what you do.

My Go-To ABI Tool

The ABI Manure Spreader and the TR3 E-Series are vital components to making our farm run smoothly. They are both used daily so durability is very important to us. The ABI products never let us down so we can continue to perform at the our best.

TR3 E-Series

TR3 “E” Equine Edition

  • For Sub-Compact & Compact Tractors, #1 Selling Arena Drag
  • 6', 7', 8' Widths
  • Starting At: $118/mo.*
TR3 Rake - Driveway

TR3 Rake

  • For Compact & Utility Tractors
  • 6.5', 7.5', 8.5', 10' Widths - Commercial-Duty
  • Starting At: $118/mo.*
ATV/UTV ABI Manure Spreader For Sale In A Pasture

25, 50, & 65 ft³ GD – Compact Manure Spreaders

  • 4-Speed - Ground Driven
  • For Lawn Tractor, ATV, UTV, or Sub-Compact Tractor - Up to 11 Horses
  • Starting At: $115/mo.*


Liberty & Reining


Queensland, Australia
Lives In: Lexington, KY

Horses of a Lifetime
  • Vegemite (Don Magnum)
  • Top Gun
  • Swampy
  • Amelia
  • Apollo
  • Goose
  • Spider Pig
  • Vanilla Ice
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