Welcome to the Gravel Rascal from ABI. The property owners utility tool. If you are a property owner and have an ATV or small tractor, then the Gravel Rascal is a tool you must own. It takes a lot of time and money to manage your property and no other pull behind tool on the market can do more work than the Gravel Rascal. Dollar for dollar. Pound for pound and feature for feature.

The Gravel Rascal outperforms all of its competitors. ABI has been innovating and developing ground preparation tools for over 30 years with thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. So we know what makes a ground prep tool work and what doesn’t. The patented Gravel Rascal is designed this way. An easy to hook up drop pin hitch, gage and transport wheels, which eliminates all washboard, adjustable ripping teeth and a finished rake that quickly pivots into a grader bar.

The Gravel Rascal is easy to adjust and takes very little skill to operate. The Gravel Rascal was designed with strength in mind when it comes to grading tools, weight is a good thing. Most of the Gravel Rascal’s competitors weigh less than 200 pounds and provide a cement block carrier to offer additional weight. In fact, many of them recommended waiting until after it rains to grade a gravel road to the ABI engineers, this means the competitors have some serious design flaws.

The Gravel Rascal weighs in at 350 to 500 pounds, giving plenty of needed weight for the rippers to penetrate even the most compacted conditions. And yet the position and size of the gage wheels makes the Gravel Rascal pull easier than any other tool on the market. Obviously, the primary purpose of the Gravel Rascal is for grading gravel roads and parking lots. The name gives it away.

However, by owning the Gravel Rascal, you will now have a premier utility tool similar in concept to a utility knife. The Gravel Rascal offers great flexibility in its uses and features. The Rascal can be aggressive enough for the toughest job yet, gentle enough to prepare the arena footing for a performance dressage horse. Other applications of the Gravel Rascal include grading gravel driveways, even reestablishing a crown, maintaining food plots, maintaining trails for bikes, horses, ATVs and more, preparing seed beds for both lawns and pastures, sifting rocks, dragging horse arenas, preparing gardens, aerating and dragging pastures, and maintaining ballfields.

You’re probably thinking. Prove it. Well, they say a picture paints a thousand words, so let’s start with an extreme picture. Here you have a parking lot that has been neglected and badly washed out over time. These ruts are 12 to 16 inches deep. And this job represents what we would call a worst case scenario. Very few property owners are going to face a job this tough. Let’s see what the Gravel Rascal can do.

That was the gravel rascal in its most aggressive state, ripping and tearing through that gravel parking lot. You know, considering that to actually eliminate potholes and ruts, you have to loosen them clear to the bottom. It seems odd that most of the Rascals competitor’s can only loosen up to 9 sixteenth of an inch deep, and that’s after a rain. Not with the Gravel Rascal. Our ripping teeth are designed to work at a 60 degree angle, allowing the natural pull of the ATV to suck them into the ground. Even the hardest conditions and no rain necessary. Between its design and the four different hole adjustments the Rascals teeth can easily reach to the bottom of any pothole.

Tough, yet gentle. That’s what we said. And by either removing the ripping teeth or switching them out for our optional loosening blades, the Gravel Rascal transforms from the rough and tough gravel tool to one that can produce the perfect footing for horses, spread material for a finished grading job, maintain a ball diamond, or even break down piles of manure, allowing you to properly maintain your pastures. Let’s take a closer look at each of these applications.

By removing the ripping teeth and adding our revolutionary arena blades, the rascal changes the way arena footing is maintained, allowing the operator to set a precise depth, slicing through the material and leaving a beautiful carpeted footing behind. So you don’t want to rip deep and carry a lot of material, but you do want to do some finished grading. Replace the rippers with our bevel blade and finish off any job that has been a rough graded. This parking lot just had new material added and the Gravel Rascal made short work of finishing it off.

You can add our drag mats to any Gravel Rascal and now it becomes an incredible infield groomer. And if that’s not enough, just get the rippers out of the way and go to town on your pasture. Watch how quickly this manure was spread.

Well, we started tough and now we’re going to end tough. This was a dangerous trail where runners were regularly getting hurt. As we wrap up this video and you watch how the Gravel Rascal makes its repairs, we want to give you the top five reasons you should call us today.

Number five, you can’t fix a pothole without getting to the bottom of the problem, literally.

Number four, remember the utility knife. Why spend your money on other tools that can do only one or two things?

Number three, the Gravel Rascals frame is reinforced and supported by tube steel, gussets, and angle iron. Remember, it takes weight to really make a tool work.

Number two, anyone can use the Gravel Rascal. No skill required.

And the number one reason why you should call us today. Other tools say they work, but Gravel Rascal. It really works. Guaranteed.

So call us today at 877-788-7253. And find out for yourself how you can put the Gravel Rascal to work for you if you’re ready to purchase. Now just go to our Web site at