ABI has known for years that in order to solve a pothole problem, you have to get to the bottom. The only effective way of removing a pothole is to rip apart the compacted sidewalks that shape the hole. If you simply push material back into the hole, vehicles traveling over it or push that material out again in a matter of weeks.

To effectively remove a pothole, you need an aggressive tool that can ribboned a compact and gravel. You must loosen the ground wheel all the way down to the bottom of the pothole, eliminating the entire compacted shape along the way. But it’s also important not to loosen below the bottom of the pothole because of the way gravel roads are constructed.

Many gravel roads have a stone dust base that should not be disturbed by your loosening tool. This means that stabilizing gage wheels are imperative to get to the bottom without going too deep and to take your road maintenance one step closer to perfection, you can use our profile blade technology to remove any ridges that could be left by the scarifiers.

This is a single finish pass application. It takes an already superior process to a whole new level, making your friends and neighbors believe you brought in new gravel material. ABI is designed multiple toolsthat are built to repair gravel roads riddled with potholes as well as accomplish many other tasks around your property.

Our TR3 rake made for 3-point tractors and our Rascal line designed specifically for ATVs are the perfect tools to get to the bottom of these potholes. With their adjustable scarifiers and heavy duty gage wheels, these tools will effectively remove any compacted potjholes with ease. For more information on our products and how they can make life on your property easier. Visit or call us at 877-788-7253 and speak with one of our product specialists.