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ABI Force

ABI Force Z-23 – for Sports Fields

  • Zero-Turn Infield Groomer & Laser Grader
  • Purpose built to groom, prepare, and renovate, creating safe & playable surfaces.
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ABI Force Z-23 – for Contractors

  • Zero-Turn Multi-Task Vehicle
  • Introducing the ZTV “zero-turn vehicle” to the commercial contracting job site.
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Matt Metzger here with ABI Sports Turf, home of the ABI Force. I am joined today by Nolan Thomas. Nolan’s a speaker here at STMA this year. He’s also been a sports turf contractor for twenty five years. Installing fields, renovating fields all over the country, right? Good gravy. So it’s turned out Nolan has been relying on the Air Force for quite a few years to go to tool for him. Why is that?

Well, we like the speed of it. It moves more dirt than it appears, and we can use it for laser grading. A fine grade. There are multiple uses. A small compact, we can put it on a smaller trailer. Minimal training. We just really enjoy using it.

Right on, right on. So what are some ways that the Force has changed your business or changed the way that you’ve approached doing what you do?

Well, just the speed and the accuracy again. And talking about the laser grading aspect of it. It’s advertised it can grade within an eighth of an inch. It’s advertised it can grade within an eighth of an inch. It’s true. We can put a lesser qualified person on this machine and know the grade is right. It allows our foreman, or someone else to go off and do other tasks. This person is on the machine. It’s so simple, so easy, so fast. This is great for business.

So, Nolan, you told us a story a little bit ago, I’d love for you to repeat for us, where you actually worked with the base of a synthetic field. Is that true?

Right. Yeah. So in the base construction of an artificial field, the tolerance is the thickness of a pinkie, which is about less than half an inch. And the very first project we worked on with the ABI Force, I personally graded the whole thing by myself over 75000 square feet. The turf contractor came in and did a polarity test, when they pull a string across a subgrade and we did not have one single undulation out of tolerance. And that was it was incredible. We were very pleased with. They said actually they said was the best base they had seen all year.