My name is Maggie. I’m the program manager and also an instructor out here at LoveWay. LoveWay, a therapeutic riding organization. We serve people with special needs. We teach them how to ride horses. We serve anybody with cognitive disability, physical disability or also emotional disability.

We have 16 horses on staff right now. One of our staff members was looking into trying to find something that would better our arean. Then, once we were researching it, we’re like, how do we not have a TR3 drag? Because it seemed that every horse person in this area in and out of this area had one. So we’ve purchased one and we’ve loved it ever since.

We’ve noticed tons of differences. The footing is just, I like to just say it’s lighter. It’s easier to move in. Not only for the horses, but for the instructors and our volunteers as well. We have tons of people that come to our arena every day. Not only horses and students, but volunteers. We have up to 30 volunteers here a day. And, you know, it gets really hard packs when all those people are walking on it. So it’s uncomfortable for us and for the horses. So volunteers, whenever they walk in and they see that it’s freshly drug, they get really excited.

We had another brand of drag. It was not combing through. It wasn’t digging that hard pack. It just kind of smoothed out the surface and it wasn’t really addressing the problems we had. Huge dips in the arena. And it just wasn’t even, and the TR3s really evened it out and just made it so much nicer.

I like how it just combs through the arena and just makes the top of it so much. Like it’s lighter. It’s just easier to walk on. I mean, for myself, even though we’re all over the arena when we’re teaching and just for us to be able to move across it lightly and it’s just so much better. And then the fact that it digs it up and it doesn’t pack underneath is a really, really cool feature.