Lead Walker Horse Exerciser / Conditioner / Rehabilitator

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Priefert's Lead Walker sets the standard for features, ease of use, and affordability. With a snap of a halter and the push of a button, your horses are ready to be conditioned. From the Lead Walkers intelligent safety features to its virtually maintenance free planetary gearbox, no other lead walker on the market can offer you the quality and value that you will find with Priefert. The Priefert Lead Walker is perfect for warming up, cooling down, or rehabilitating up to 8 horses at once, and can operate at multiple speeds in forward and reverse.


Planetary Gearbox:

  • No Belts, No Pulleys, No Chains & No Hydraulics!
  • The planetary gearbox is an ingenious engineering design that is vastly superior to belt or chain driven walkers and features maximum performance with minimum maintenance.
  • Planetary gearboxes are most commonly used in automobile transmissions, commercial excavating equipment and industrial overhead cranes.
  • It also offers 3 times the torque and stiffness of traditional gear systems of similar size found on some other gear driven walkers.

Variable Speeds & Direction:

  • Powered by a Siemens 3 horse power motor, Priefert Walkers offer the strength, speed and torque to feature 2,000 lbs of downward pull while conditioning up to 8 horses at once!
  • Variable speed control up to 20 MPH!
  • Forward and reverse

Master Control Box:

  • The master control box is weather proof and has large labeled buttons for ease of use.
  • Power On / Off
  • Start / Stop
  • 3 Timer Defaults
  • Increase and decrease speed incrementally
  • Forward & Reverse
  • Reset
  • Emergency Stop

Wireless Remote:

  • The wireless remote is standard equipment on Priefert horse walkers and makes operation as easy as controlling a television. The ultimate in ease and convenience
  • Start / Stop
  • Increase and decrease speed incrementally
  • Change Direction

Exclusive Safety:

  • Smart Lead Technology temporarily pauses when horses resist to the point of stopping forward motion then ramps up movement to the previously selected speed. This is a exclusive feature not found on other lead walkers and is a much more natural, stress free and safe conditioning experience.
  • Emergency Release Lever for each horse is located at the base of the walker. This keeps the operator at a safe distance from the struggling horse.
  • Emergency Shut Off activates if any resistance stalls the motor for more than 60 seconds; protecting the horses and equipment.

Draft Horse Tough:

  • The Priefert walker line was originally designed as a conditioning system for the world famous Priefert Percherons. They consist of 20 horses averaging 2,200 pounds. Nearly twice the size of an average horse.
  • This walker system has been used everyday on Priefert Ranch under the most extreme situations without fail.
  • Imagine, if 8 2,200 pound horses being conditioned at once doesn't strain the walker system it is likely the average ranch will never come close to challenging the the ruggedness and durability of Priefert Walkers.

Rust & Weather Resistant:

  1. Galvanized Pipe
  2. Phosphate Adhesion Wash
  3. Conversion Coating
  4. UV Inhibitor
  5. Powder Coating

  • Unlike most walkers, Priefert Walkers feature an electrostatically applied bake on architectural grade powder coat which will extend the life and beauty of the system for years to come.
  • Powder coat is only as good as how well the steel is cleaned before application. Priefert goes to great lengths with multiple processes to ensure all imperfections and contaminants are gone before powder coating begins.
  • Resistant to weather, rust & chipping.

Maintenance Free:

  • The result of many of the features above is a maintenance free walker system that keeps you doing what you love and on the road to success.
  • Only 3 grease zerks to fill every 6 months. That's it!

Optional Equipment

Custom Workouts:

  • This system features an easy to use, weather proof, touch screen control panel that automates the conditioning process just like a treadmill.
  • Easily program warm up, exercise and cool down routines that are customized for the group of horses being conditioned.
  • With 20 savable custom programs and 12 stages per program this system can be configured for the most complex of exercise routines.
  • Also includes manual control of power On / Off, Start / Stop, Basic Timer, Increase and Decrease Speed Variably, Forward & Reverse, Reset, Emergency Stop & On / Off Electrical charge to divider panels.

Color Choice:

  1. Wheel White
  2. Gunmetal Gray
  3. Jet Black
  4. Barn Red
  5. Forest Green
  6. Saddle Brown

These are all standard colors at no extra charge. These colors are for illustration purposes only. Actual color may vary.

Ground Drag System:

  • The walker drag is designed specifically to condition the footing material in the horses path to eliminate high and low spots and keep the footing evenly smoothed out.
  • The drag attaches to the arms of the walker and is pulled by the walker when turned on.
  • It is even adjustable to move material to the inside or the outside of the path.


Lead Walkers
8 Horses
6 Horses
4 Horses
Total Arm Span
Drive System
Planetary Gear Box
3hp Siemens
Min. - Max. Speed (MPH)
0 - 10 mph
0 - 13.2 mph
0 - 17.6 mph
Speed Adjustment
Forward & Reverse
Manual Control Panel
Programmable Control Panel
Wireless Remote Control
4 Functions - 100 Yard Range
Arm Length (each)
Smart Lead Technology
Emergency Shut Off
Emergency Release
Finish Type
Architectural Grade Powder Coating
Finish Type
Architectural Grade Powder Coating
Standard Finish Colors
Gun Metal Gray, Barn Red, Forest Green
Saddle Brown, Wheel White
240 VAC 30 AMPs
1 Year