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If you want a water trailer that gives you better control over water distribution and application to your land, then you need a water tank trailer with a pump. Using a pump, you can be more thorough and efficient across a variety of landscapes and project sites. We’re going to dive into why pumps are an essential component to have on your water wagon, but first let’s cover the basics of how they work. 

The Basics of a Water Tank Trailer Pump

Water trailer pumps are able to pull water from the tank using an internal impeller. Using power from the trailer motor, the impeller utilizes rotational motion to suction water out of the tank. As the impeller turns faster, water volume, flow, and pressure accelerates, allowing the water to be distributed out of the trailer. From the water tank trailer’s power source, valves, and nozzles, water pressure and flow may be adjusted to meet your application needs.

Water trailers without a pump, on the other hand, rely on gravity to pull water from the tank. While gravity works well for dumping or pouring water, its capabilities are limited. Gravity fed water trailers provide far less pressure than pump models. The lack of pump pressure may limit your control over water flow and restrict what you can do with water around your landscape.

ABI’s water trailers come with professional grade engines and two inch self-priming centrifugal poly-pumps—so users like you can tackle all sorts of watering and dust abatement projects.

Advantages of Having a Pump On Your Water Tank Trailer

ABI closeup of water pump on a water trailer

Control & Consistency

Gravity by itself doesn’t provide operators enough power to regulate the flow or quantity of water coming out of your water trailer. Having a pump on a water tank trailer can give you better control over water flow and output when spraying, and reduce the risk of overwatering the ground.

Our water tank trailers come complete with a motor, pump, and plumbing system to help you equally distribute and apply water wherever it’s needed. Using top-quality valves, you can easily adjust the amount of water that comes out of the spray hose or brass nozzles to suit the needs of your project.


Water trailer pumps make it faster and easier to refill and spray water as you care for your property. In fact, our ABI water trailers are packed with features that need the power of a water pump to help operators save time and worry on tank refilling. One of our favorites is the quick-fill system. 

The quick-fill system allows users to draw water from a pond or other source through a hose to refill their water tank. The suction from your available pump pulls water into the tank, providing you with ready-to-use water in minutes.

Better Reach and Flexibility

ABI spray nozzle arc water trailer

Pumps also give you more flexibility and extension to water tight corners and spaces, reducing dry spots and inconsistencies in ground moisture. On an ABI water trailer, users can adjust the coverage of water spray farther and wider than before without having to leave the tow vehicle.

Utilizing the water trailer’s directional spray feature, you can water down hard to reach areas. For narrow spaces, adjust the attached hose to clean inaccessible corners or edges of dirt with ease. Our ABI water trailers can reach a spray nozzle arc up to 144 degrees, and are able to spray swath or width from 3ft to up to 25ft, depending on adjustments and the water trailer model you need. Since ABI water trailers come with adjustable valves and nozzles, this means you can alter the coverage of water spray over the ground.

Multiple Watering Applications

Including a pump on your water tank trailer gives it enough water power to service a wide range of outdoor work. Pumps power ABI water trailers to be multifunctional tools for property owners, hobby farmers, contract landscapers, and maintenance crews. Whether you’re managing a property or hired for maintenance by a municipality, having a water trailer with a pump can be an effective tool to care for a wide range of landscapes. Here are some examples of landscaping or maintenance projects our customers have used ABI water trailers to do: 

  • Dust Abatement – to reduce dust from being kicked up into the air on construction sites, dirt horse arenas, ball fields, and gravel driveways
  • Cleaning – washing own livestock stalls, farm machinery, and riding arena walls
  • Bulk Watering – hydrating pastures, livestock troughs, newly-planted trees, and food plots
  • Property Protection – preparing water to deploy for fire prevention and suppression
  • Moisture Maintenance – water to ensure surface stability in horse arena surfaces
  • Water Supply – used to refill pressure washers, or lower the temperature or dust created from the blades of cutting equipment

From community ball fields and parks to pastures and gardens, get the quality water pressure and coverage you need to care for your property with ABI water trailers.

ABI Water Trailers: Work Smarter Using Pressurized Water

ABI Water Trailer pump spraying water.

Water trailers transport and deliver water wherever you need to get work done, but when paired with a water pump, they can do so much more. A water tank trailer with a pump can improve your water coverage, flow, and power to handle a wide variety of outdoor watering projects.

Whether you’re looking to wash equipment or gently water a seedbed, trust you’ll find the ideal water trailer to match your property and workload at ABI Attachments. Interested in finding the right water trailer for you? Check out our line of water trailer models or contact an ABI Product Specialist at (877) 788-7253 today.