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Elite Spreader 37 ft3 Manure Spreader

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ABI Manure Spreader - For Healthy Stables & Pastures

If you are a horse owner looking to improve horse manure management practices on your property, the innovative design of the "ABI Elite Spreader" will make this possible without the danger and hassle of using a traditional spreader. Traditional manure spreaders fling uncontrolled chunks of manure all over the pasture, this creates a breading ground for flies and parasites, foul odors and unhealthy pastures filled with bare spots and weeds. However, unlike traditional style manure spreaders, the "ABI Elite Spreader" is an innovative drop style spreader that not only offers improved safety, far lower maintenance and ease of use, but additionally shreds and then evenly spreads the manure onto the land in a controlled manner. This process exposes more manure surface to sunlight, drying it out to reduce parasite and fly reproduction, and allowing the manure to decompose far more quickly. Quick decomposition encourages a healthy pasture and greatly reduces pasture turn times. The ABI Elite Spreader sets new high standards of safety, ease of use & ease of maintenance. No exposed augurs or rotating blades to injure or fling hazards into the air. No moving apron chains or elaborate chain and gear systems to fight with. The ABI Elite Spreader comes in 3 variations. The most popular is the 37 cu ft ground drive model. Also available ia a 37 cu ft hydraulically controlled model. See the "Videos" tab above to video footage of the hydraulic units.


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Delivered Fully Assembled

Delivered Fully Assembled Direct To Property:

ABI Spreaders are sold direct to the customer over the phone and internet and shipped via a common-carrier truck to your property. This factory-direct business model eliminates the middleman and dealer markups allowing ABI to provide a better spreader for the money. All models of our spreaders are almost always in-stock and ready for quick shipment. ABI Spreaders are delivered fully assembled.

Superior Design & Quality:

The Elite Spreader's quality of craftsmanship, quality components and overbuilt construction is obvious upon seeing it in person. This is one impressive machine that is built to last. With the ABI Elite Spreader, proper manure management principles are finally attainable. With improved safety, lower maintenance, ease of use and controlled and evenly spread shredded output, the ABI Elite Spreader is truly the solution you have been searching for.
Ground Drive System

Simple Ground Drive System: (If equipped)

The "Elite Spreader" offers a unique four-wheel ground driven design. The back wheels support the majority of the spreader load and feature high quality replaceable bearings, hubs & spindles. The front wheels are brought into contact with the ground with the ratcheting turn knuckle. Once in contact, they turn the internal agitator blades and shredding drum via a simple chain drive system that has virtually no maintenance and is simple to use.
Shredder Drum

Shredding Drum:

The shredding drum is powered by the ground engagement wheels to shred the manure. This shredded material decomposes very fast, helps reduce parasite eggs/fly larva, and eliminates the need to harrow after spreading. The blades are welded to the drum in a unique pattern to produce a continuous even spread. This ensures vegetation will not be smothered and create bare spots in the pasture.
Agitator Bar

Agitator Bar:

The agitator bar utilizes specially designed blades that feed manure to the shredding drum and ensures consistent material flow. The blades are individually replaceable and are protected by a shear pin in the event that an unbreakable object gets jammed.
Release Panel

Release Panel:

Another innovative feature of the Elite Spreader is the release panel under the spreader. The release panel is spring-loaded and allows materials that are too hard to shred, such as rocks, wood and frozen chunks, to pass through the spreader without causing damage. The tension of the release panel is adjustable to suit individual needs. This panel may also be released to allow the spreader to be emptied in the rare event the operator decides not to spread the load.
Processing Bin w/Replaceable Panels

Processing Bin:

The "V" shaped processing bin holds up to 37 cu. ft. of heaped manure and the front and rear panels are sloped to aid in the flow of manure for processing. The back panel is lower for easier loading. The extra height of the front panel allows for additional material to be heaped. The bin panels are heavy duty 12 gauge solid steel with a durable powder coated treatment.
Low Load Panel

Side Loading Panel: (3H & 3G Only)

For easy side loading, simply remove the side loading panel. This is ideal when directly loading the spreader while picking stalls. As the spreader fills simply replace the panel to allow maximum loading capacity.
Transport Wheels

Transport Wheels:

  • 3G - The 3' ground driven unit has 2 transport/load bearing wheels and two shredder drum engagement wheels.
  • 3H - The 3' hydraulic unit has two transport/load bearing wheels.
  • 6H - On the 6' hydraulic unit the transport/load bearing wheels are much larger air filled tires to enable better floatation due to the added weight of the unit & capacity.

    All transport/load bearing tires have high quality replaceable bearings, hubs & spindles for long service life.

Pin Hitch & Jack:

The pin hitch and jack are designed to make connecting to a tow vehicle easy. It also enables easy and safe storage. Jack is not needed and not included with ground drive units.
Hydraulic  Powered System

Hydraulic Powered System: (If equipped)

Offering 1,000 lbs per square inch of power, this system rotates the shredder drum and agitator bar and offers a variety of advantages over ground-driven systems. On/Off spread control from the seat of the tow vehicle. Continues to spread while being operated up and down hill. Works in snowy and icy conditions. Performance does not diminish as the load lightens.

Manufactured Right Here:

You want the best quality materials, you want the highest quality workmanship, you want your attachments made in the United States of America--and so do we! That's why, since 1997, we've been manufacturing and selling equipment built to exceed your expectations, just like we should. This attention to detail creates products that are durable, reliable, and ready to do your toughest work--day after day.
Direct Shipping

Buy Factory-Direct - We Ship To Your Property:

ABI attachments are sold direct to the customer over the phone and internet and shipped via a common-carrier truck to your property! This factory-direct business model eliminates the middleman and dealer markups allowing ABI to provide better attachments for the money. Buying direct also ensures that you're not limited to a local dealers in-stock inventory, but instead you have access to every model, size, and configuration we offer and you can have it shipped to you in just a few days. We think this is a better way to do business, as it gives you more options and you get to work directly with the people who design and build attachments.
24 Month Limited Warranty

Lifetime Floor / 2-Year Limited Warranty:

Every Elite Manure Spreader is made with the best materials and uncompromising craftsmanship, so every Elite Spreader is going to be around for a long time. The ABI Elite Spreader is warranted for 24-months, from date of delivery, against defects in materials and/or workmanship when put to normal and designed consumer/residential use and service. See warranty documentation for details.

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Optional Equipment

Fines Pan Catcher:

The "ABI Elite Spreader" also offers an optional fines pan that mounts below the spreader. This is designed to prohibit small particles of bedding materials, such as wood chips or pellets, from falling through the bottom of the spreader while loading or storing. This is ideal for those that keep a pristine barn.



3' Ground Drive
# of Horses
Up To 6
37 cu. ft. 30 US Bushels Heaped
Overall Length
93 inches
Overall Width
57 inches
Overall Height
60 inches
Top Opening
54" Front To Back
33" Side To Side
Loading Height
Adjustable 36 - 41"
Frame Construction
A36 1/8 inch 2x3 Tube Steel
Bin Construction
12 gauge steel
Body Finish
Powder Coated
# 50
Ground Driven by 2 air filled wheels geared directly to shredder drum & agitator
Hydraulics Needed
Ground Clearance
8 inches
Front Stabilizer
Transport Wheel Assembly
20" x 5" Tires
4.80-12 4-ply
With Replaceable
Hubs & Bearings
Shipping Weight
930 lbs.
Power Required
22 hp Compact Tractor- 450 cc 4WD ATV

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"I am very pleased with the 6' hydraulic Elite Spreader thus far. It is well built and very effective for the work of spreading manure for the 55-60 horses we keep here. I personally have the job of using the machine and do so every other day to keep up with the horses. Others who work for us clean up twice a day and stockpile the material and I can take care of two days worth in under an hour. It is great not to have to stockpile the manure and arrange to have it hauled off site. - Kevin From California
"The Elite Manure Spreader that we bought from ABI is perfect for us. It does everything we want and it definitely met our expectations." - Karen From Kentucky
"The Elite spreader works great. It's very heavy duty and easy to use. There isn't any better spreader on the market." - Jose From Hawaii
"After using the Elite for a few weeks it is clear how much better it is than the Millcreek 27 we used before." - Colin From Texas


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